Mumbai Indian’s Facebook Campaign Could Be Better

An article on Mumbai Indian’s Facebook Campaign MI Paltan which is cool but could have been Better

IPL5 is not far away and the respective teams have geared up their social media presence months before the start. Some time back we had seen how Delhi Daredevils had launched some interesting contests and was trying to build fan engagement before the game starts. This year the war won’t be only on the field but it will happen on social media networks too. Echoing the same sentiments Mumbai Indians have started an interesting campaign called ‘MI Paltan’ for its 2.5 million Facebook community.

The Facebook campaign ‘MI Paltan’ is an initiative to bring the cricketing stars closer to their diehard fans. From now on, not only are you aware of what is going on behind the field but also our cricketing heroes will interact with you as stated by the Mumbai Indians. To drive this further the Facebook brand page, which is yet to be upgraded to the new timeline feature, has a landing page. The landing page has exclusive content for it’s fans and it is revealed only after you like the page. The strategy is fair enough but the landing page falls flat in communicating the same. If you look at the landing page given below as a screenshot, you would notice that nowhere it has been communicated that you need to like the page to see more.

mumbai indians facebook page
Mumbai Indians Facebook landing page

Once you like the page you get a list of pages of your cricketing stars from MI that you would love to follow. So click on your favorite star from the MI team list and follow him on his Facebook page to know more and get the inside stories too. I would be surprised if you don’t click the cricketing god Sachin Tendulkar’s page first. Sachin’s MI page itself has more than 11 thousand fans and I am sure this is going to increase as the IPL comes closer and the heat gets intense. These individual pages of the MI team players have a basic landing page and some initial level of engagement going on. For example if you check the wall of Sachin’s page, it has mere few updates and a decent level of engagement going amongst fans.

mumbai indians facebook page
MI Paltan's list of Facebook page

However, the big question here one needs to ask – is MI as a community is going to bring real engagement? No doubt the concept of campaign is very cool which tries to drive real engagement by bringing stars closer to fans. But do you really think that Sachin or Harbhajan is going to sit and post Facebook updates or try to answer the questions of fans? We know it is too much of an ask and breathing in social media space day and night, I know it would be handled by a team of social media experts. So wouldn’t it be great if the truth is specified clearly. Fans would understand it and on social media space you can’t fool people for long.

For me the Facebook campaign looks very innovative from top but when you go deep, it starts to shake. I would have loved it if they had driven engagement with fans at other level. Since the IPL5 is yet to start how about hunting for the biggest MI fan and that fan get’s a chance to meet his MI cricketing god. This would not only lead to spreading the word but get fans to go for it too. We know what connection Indians and cricket have especially with a team, which is represented by the God himself. I think in comparison to MI, the Delhi Daredevils had a decent engagement even though the incentives were really bad.

So are you an MI fan and what do you think about the MI Paltan Facebook campaign. Are you impressed or do you think MI could have done better?