Mumbai Indians Betting High On Social Media

A review of Mumbai Indians performance on Social media during the IPL6


IPL 6 is on the minds of everyone these days and Social Media is one of the key components driving it. With two super over finishes already in the IPL, IPL 6 is getting heated up as the tournament progresses. With this series, we try and analyse how each of the IPL franchise teams is doing with their Social footprint and are they gaining their success from the field and transferring it on to Social Media as well.

Mumbai Indians, arguably being the lavishly spending club in IPL 6 and the home of Sachin Tendulkar himself, has a great presence on Social Media too. We analysed the pre-launch and the on-going buzz around the IPL team with the help of Unmetric (25th Mar- 14th April 2013) and the results seem to be on the positive side.

mumbai indians facebook

Mumbai Indians on Facebook

With the initial buzz surrounding the inclusion of Ponting and Maxwell in the squad, Mumbai Indians seem to have done well with the addition of more than 77K new fans on their Facebook page which boasts of around 3 million fans. The Fan growth rate for Mumbai Indians in this period has been 2.5%, which has increased almost 4 times as compared to the period of Jan – March 2013, with primary reason being the start of the IPL 6.

With cricket being a male centric sport in India, almost 82% of the Facebook fans for MI are males, with under 30 age group consisting of around 95% of the fan population. Mumbai Indians, though being a regional team does have a fan following abroad as well. According to Unmetric more than 2.5 million Fans of the page are from India with contributions from other South Asian countries as well.

The engagement rate seems to be on the higher side when Mumbai Indians are playing, with the highest engagement rate of 7.2% recorded on 14th April post the Pune vs Mumbai derby. This blinder of a catch by their skipper was shared among its community the most with the post registering more than 11,000 shares and close to 4K comments. Beat that for engagement.

Below is the breakdown of fans along with the engagement rate for Mumbai Indians. Photos and video based status updates seem to be working the best for the team with more users responding to the visuals.

Mumbai Indians on Facebook

Though Mumbai Indians wall is pretty busy with fans posting content (more than 1.5K posts recorded in last 21 days), the brand has been minimalistic in conversations with the fans. With the IPL matches being an evening/night affair, there is no doubt that most of the engagement for the page is in between the 6 PM to midnight time slot.

The Facebook page has also intelligently integrated other social platforms within the page to cross promote content of Pinterest/YouTube/Twitter on Facebook viz a viz Facebook Tabs. MI along with sports-centric entertainment centre, SMAASH had also conducted an application for fans to participate and win. Although the app was about to increase footfalls to SMAASH and compel the users to upload the pictures with their favourite MI players cutout, the submitted entries seem to be profile pictures of individuals which could have been moderated before being made public to the users. Separate pages were created for each player last season by the franchise, although they seem to be dead and long forgotten. Eg: Lasith Malinga’s Facebook page.

Mumbai Indians on Pinterest

Yes, Mumbai Indians can be termed as one of the few IPL teams having a presence on Pinterest. Although MI seems to have forgotten to be active on it since the last pin which was 15 weeks ago when they were busy running a campaign after Sachin’s retirement #RetireTheJerseyNo10 . The boards seem to be organised with pictures about the team and support staff which again has undergone a change. The Pinterest boards could have been better utilised with a year wise pictorial history of the team and a bit of history and description attached with each player rather than just pinning the plain Jane images of the players from their website. The attempt seems to be one of those lazy ones to be seen everywhere on social platforms.

Mumbai Indians on Twitter

@MIPaltan as they are dearly known on Twitter, has more than 150K followers on Twitter which does fall a bit short of their competitor’s followers on Twitter (KKR and CSK). But then as far as engagement is concerned, Mumbai Indians have an Engagement Score of 35 which leads all other IPL teams in perspective. Speaking of addition of new followers, Mumbai Indians have grown at a rate of 27% follower growth in the analysed period of 21 days.

The official handle of Mumbai Indians has kept the local flavour pre-dominant in their tweet lingo. Their tweets mostly being pro-active highlight a passionate for the team and not just any robot tweeting live match scores. That’s one of the key factors which distinguishes Mumbai Indians with a strong brand connect among its fans (The other is obviously Sachin ‘GOD’ Tendulkar!). They have heavily used the #AkkhaMumbaiKhelega hashtag with exclusivity to promote the team on Twitter.

The average response time for @MIPaltan is around 45 minutes which is impressive and most of the replies do come in during the live match performance when people are live tweeting their thoughts/excitement about the match. Along with cricket, it is also great to see MI undertaking initiative to spread awareness about the #EducationForAll campaign supported and founded by their owner Nita Ambani and doing their bit of corporate responsibility for under-privileged children.

Mumbai Indians on YouTube

Mumbai Indians on YouTube has garnered around 90K new video views for the period analysed along with 505 subscribers. The average upload length of the channel has been under 1 minute which is good for grabbing attention with user’s attention span decreasing day by day. The content strategy has been different and submerged with Mumbaiyya Ishtyle videos but has failed to generate traction, as expected for a team like Mumbai having millions of fans worldwide. The content could have been popularized on other social networks (primarily Facebook) to boost their views.

Mumbai Indians is using Social to their advantage and with iconic (read God Like) players in their line up, their fan following is unquestionable and hardcore. That shows up in fan comments too. Social has also been an important player as far as, their official website is concerned. 20% of the referral traffic of their website has been Social Media (primarily Facebook) which shows the deep level of social media integration on to their website too. (Source:

Social Traffic for Mumbai Indians official website

All in all, their tagline for this season goes well with their efforts on digital as well. Akkha Mumbai khel raha hai Mumbai Indians k saath on Social Media (All of Mumbai is playing with MI on Social Media).

Disclaimer: Offline, I am a worshiper of Sachin Tendulkar myself!