Mufti Jeans & LIQVD ASIA Get Parkour Professionals To Show Digital Savvy Men How To #KeepHerHappy

To launch Jogger jeans, Mufti has launched an extensive campaign with Liqvid Asia. The digital leg #keepherhappy is adding a cheeky angle to the promotions


Bangalore, the IT and startup hub of the country, was in the news recently after a 26-year-old software engineer quit his job last month to start his own Yoga studio. A yoga class where you don’t need to wear traditional loose clothes but a pair of jeans is good enough. This “Jeans wale baba”, as the media calls him, found his startup inspiration from his girlfriend.

“Women inspire people to do different things, so my case is no different,” Ranjit told Faking News, “It all started after I tried searching for the elusive work-life balance when I discovered that switching between a dull software coder and smart young lover was as good as doing anulom-vilom.”

“But that was just the beginning,” he continued, “I was going the extra mile to please my girlfriend, and in the process I was twisting and turning more than Baba Ramdev.” In fact the process of twist and turns has become smooth for Ranjit after his girlfriend gifted him a new pair of Mufti jeans.

Now before you scratch your head and wonder why the “Jeans wale baba” spoke to Faking News, this was a native effort from Mufti Jeans to create buzz on the popular satire platform for its new pair of jeans branded as the Mufti Jogger Jeans.

Joggers are a new hybrid denim with the stretch of jersey and the look of denim. The comfortable texture allows the owner the freedom and ease in movement, the lack of which was a big problem with regular denim jeans. Joggers offer a variety of styles with a denim look.

To get Gen Y talking about the brand’s latest offering, Mufti roped in digital agency LIQVD ASIA to launch Jogger jeans and establish Mufti as the fashion brand for digitally savvy men.

To begin with the brand decided to launch a web film to showcase the flexibility of Joggers and how comfortable they are. To showcase the comfort factor it was decided to rope in Parkour experts who would showcase the art of movement that involved jumping, running, climbing, rolling and other movements, while wearing the jeans.

Showcasing Parkour was a cool idea but just showcasing a sporty video wouldn’t get the digital natives talking. The script was therefore written to make a “tongue-in-cheek” fun video that would not only highlight the features of the garment but also be highly shareable.

More than a minute long video shot in Dubai with professional Parkour models, describes the survival guide for guys while showcasing the comfort of the jeans. The video then moves forward with rules and solutions to it. Such as rule two – she says jump, don’t ask why instead ask how high? While such wisdom is being meted out, the professionals in the video execute them with their acts. The video ends with the message – stick with Mufti Jogger jeans for anything and #KeepHerHappy. The video has garnered over 366K views on YouTube.

#KeepHerHappy digital campaign

In addition to this, a #KeepHerHappy digital campaign was launched with the intention to spread the word about the video and get the digital savvy youth talking on social media. Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been leveraged. Social media influencers and Bollywood and fashion celebrities are being roped in as well.

Twitter has been the conversation starter, from promoting videos to organizing interesting contests. The latest being where the brand asked users on the platform to share ideas on what would they do to #KeepHerHappy and win prizes.

Here are some of the amazing responses that got people talking about the contest and Mufti trending on Twitter:

A microsite has also been developed to host the video and is asking users to share what it takes to #KeepHerHappy. One needs to log in via Twitter or Facebook to share their wisdom. For gaining further eyeballs the brand has been using extensive paid media inventory (such as Times Of India Roadblock, video networks, ROS banners etc.)

Courting digital savvy men

Mufti along with LIQVD ASIA have carried out an extensive 360 degree campaign with a sizable effort on digital for the promotion of its Jogger jeans. From roping in Parkour professionals to adding a fun element, the video has all the ingredients for digital natives to watch and share it.

While the focus of the commercial was to showcase the Jogger jeans it has been done very subtly. In order to make the video shareable and fun the communication has been around the theme of “keep her happy”. The digital extension with the integration of social channels and microsite matches the brand objective and has raked in the much required positive sentiments for the brand. The contests around the campaign have served as a conversation starter for the brand to take it further from here on.

#KeepHerHappy is not only helping digital savvy men but also the brand that aspires to be their fashion brand on digital.