Philips India And MTV Run MPowerPack Challenge To Find The Coolest Gang In India

A review of MTV Philips MPowerPack Challenge where the coolest gang of friends in the country would be judged on the basis of tasks and user votes, with the prize being a free Ibiza trip

Philips, one of India’s leading lifestyle brand, has taken the concept of male grooming to the next level by launching MPOWER, an iconic male grooming and styling range. The range includes trimming, facial styling and body grooming solutions and is an advanced, skin-friendly and convenient solution to every man’s grooming needs. To promote MPOWER, Philips India has embarked on a grand social media route, teaming up with youth brand MTV for the MPowerPack challenge, that will see a gang of cool friends with the most votes win an all-expenses paid trip to Ibiza!

MTV Philips MPowerPack challenge

As part of the MPowerPack challenge, participants had to submit pictures of their gang of friends with a name and a short video introducing themselves. Of these ten gangs have been shortlisted and are in the midst of tasks. Named Retards, Hypnotica, Punctures, 444 among other fancy names, these gangs have had a variety of tasks to perform where the gang had to submit videos about them hanging out in cool places, share party footage with the gang at their grooviest best or doing the flash mob in a public area.

At present, the challenge is at task 4 - ‘Groom your way to a win’, where the gangs need to set up a male grooming station in any location of their choice and groom the face of at least 10 people using a Philips Mpower product.


The contest is being hosted on a microsite where one needs to register through a Facebook login. It features tasks, videos, teams along with new MPOWER range of products. You can watch the video submissions of each of the gangs by filtering through the various tasks. The vote button is right below the embedded video along with a Facebook commenting system.

Here’s a video of the flash mob entry by Hypnotica:

The challenge is being promoted on social media platforms of both the brands. An app on the Philips India Facebook page also leads one to the microsite, apart from the regular updates on its wall for its more than 2.8 million strong fan base. The MTV India Facebook page has been sharing the task videos to its more than 4.6 million fan base, while asking them to vote.

How good is MPowerPack challenge?

In an increasingly digitized world, running a multi-stage youth oriented contest entirely with a Facebook enabled microsite is the way ahead. Moreover, the target consumers for the MPOWER range are the same as the ones active on Facebook with a penchant for videos.

Associating with a youth brand like MTV that is already popular for its task-based reality shows, will give the Philips MPower range a better platform too, while strengthening the brand position of MTV as the channel for the youth. The MPowerPack challenge is a win-win for the two brands enabling both to reach out to a larger target audience.

Besides, the promotions being carried out on the social media platforms of both brands simultaneously will also help grow a relevant fan base. Along with a cool design and layout, the MPowerPack challenge has cleverly weaved in tasks involving the new range of grooming products, thereby enabling Philips to give a live demo of its products!

I’m quite impressed with the MPowerPack challenge concept and execution, what about you?