2014 YouTube Sensation #MTSInternetBaby Returns And This Time He Wants Instant WiFi

MTS has brought back its YouTube sensation of 2014, the '#MTSInternetBaby' for the promotions of its instant WiFi -MTS Hotspot


Baby videos just like kitten videos never go out of style. And when you have a baby video that almost went viral with 25 Million views on YouTube last year, while raking up a few controversies on the way, you continue the tradition. Following the massive success of the ‘MTS Internet Baby’ ad film in 2014 by MTS India, the telco has now rolled out its latest ad campaign featuring a new baby.

While the 2014 MTS Internet Baby created a YouTube sensation when he started using smartphones, tablets, and laptops from the minute he was born to connect to the internet, for the promotions of MTS 3GPlus network, the new ad film seeks to promote the MTS Hotspot - an Instant WiFi that provides plug and play access to multiple internet users simultaneously.

Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, the ad was launched as a TVC during the India-Pakistan game that commenced the ICC World Cup 2015 on February 15. This time the baby wants instant WiFi at the home he is going to be born in!

The minute-long ad starts in a delivery room of a hospital just like the previous ad. While the mother, the doctor and the nurses are waiting anxiously, the pregnancy bump disappears, leaving everybody shocked. The scene is now cut to heaven where a little baby in a pram in the clouds is complaining to god (an old man seated on a large white seat).

The baby says he does not want to be born in this home as they do not have internet. The baby and god argue over some amusing reasoning over the internet issues at that home but the baby wins over. God is then suddenly transformed to a new avatar with a MTS stick in his hand, and heard singing praises of the product. Impressed, the baby returns to his mother’s womb and is ready to be delivered.

The film ends with the baby asking his parents for the WiFi password!

Where did the #MTSInternetBaby go?

Uploaded on February 14 on the MTS India YouTube channel, the ad has garnered over 700K views till date. The brand had run a little teaser campaign on social media two days prior to the launch where it created buzz on the return of the #MTSInternetBaby.

Soon the MTS India Facebook and Twitter pages invited fans to guess where did the #MTSInternetBaby go along with a 10-seond video. Participants could comment with their creative responses for a chance to win Flipkart vouchers. Some crazy reasons poured in but nobody had a clue the baby went back to heaven!

Cuteness overload, views guaranteed

Last year, the Advertising Standards Council of India had asked the company to stop airing the MTS Internet baby ad, calling it ‘gross, indecent’ and offensive to women’. Adweek called The MTS Internet baby as a ‘somewhat terrifying spot’ that will make you weep for humanity and needed to be stopped. Many other ad gurus said the CGI wasn’t upto the mark; at least not on the lines of the Evian dancing babies.

Nevertheless, it raked in a cool 25 million views and some more. Google has showcased it as a case study for its TrueView ads format. It stated: TrueView proved to be both an efficient and high impact format for MTS with 90% completion for viewers seeing the ad, 2x growth of queries on Search, and 5x growth on YouTube.

The new MTSInternetBaby won’t be stopped by anyone. It is outright hilarious and is making a legitimate demand - an instant WiFi hot spot is a must in homes with families now having multiple devices connecting to the internet. Moreover, it is guaranteed to bring in the views. Cool way to promote the MTS Hotspot riding on the success of its YouTube sensation last year.