MTS India Rides On ‘Ask Shraddha’ To Engage Its Fans

About MTS India engaging with their fans on Facebook via 'Ask Shraddha' where fans can ask questions to YouTube singing sensation and MTS Blaze brand ambassador, Shraddha Sharma and she would answer 3 best questions in a video

YouTube sensation, Shraddha Sharma has this unique proposition for her fans. If you have ever wondered what it takes to become a rock star, she is the right person to answer that for you.  Shraddha Sharma, the teenaged singing sensation who built her brand through YouTube, now endorses MBlaze, the broadband services from MTS India. In association with MTS India, Shraddha will answer questions by her fans as to what did it take to reach there in ‘Ask Shraddha’.  Shraddha has more than 8.7 million views on her brand channel ‘Shraddha Rockin‘ with a total 81K+ subscribers.

You can ask your questions on the MTS India Facebook page or on the MTS India Twitter page and Shraddha Sharma will give video responses to the 3 best questions. There is no specific app created for ‘Ask Shraddha’; an image (as shown above) announces the initiative and fans are invited to post their questions in the comments below. On Twitter, the tweets have been hashtagged with #AskShraddha. A scroll through the timelines on both Facebook and Twitter tells you that Shraddha has already given her video responses to 2 questions.

In addition to promotions of Ask Shraddha on the MTS India social networks, the Q&A concept is also being shared on Shraddha’s Facebook wall. And evidently, the fan response is maximum - Shraddha has a whopping 487K strong community on Facebook. The same content when shared on her wall, fetched 93 comments, 826 likes and 2 shares, while the response was quite low at the MTS page with 8 comments, 44 likes and 6 shares.

‘Ask Shraddha’ is a cool initiative that is also aligned with the broadband services message ‘Drive. Surf. Rock’. For a product targeted to the internet-savvy while on the go, the brand has done a decent job by roping in the self-made Shraddha and leveraging her social media clout.