MTS India Launches #BrowseDKBose Music Video For MBlaze Ultra

MTS India has launched a music video 'Browse browse DK Bose' inspired from 'Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose' starring actor Imran Khan for promoting MBlaze Ultra dongle

MTS browseDKbose

MTS browseDKbose

The catchy number ‘Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose’ is back. The song starring actor Imran Khan and his two friends in the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ had them running, but this time nobody is running and the song has been re-scripted as ‘Browse browse DK Bose’ as part of a campaign by MTS India.

An extension to the recent MBlaze Ultra #ExploitTheWeb campaign where users could not just browse the internet but exploit it too, MTS India has now come up with a music video starring brand ambassador and actor Imran Khan jamming away the benefits of the MTS MBlaze Ultra dongle.

Conceptualised by Creativeland Asia, the sole objective of the video is to bring alive the fact that MBlaze Ultra on MTS’ 3GPLUS telecom network enables you to not just browse the internet, but exploit it too.

The two-and-a-half video opens with a super, ‘We gave Imran an MBlaze Ultra. So he could live stream and jam with his band.’ The video then goes on to show a TV set that projects an image of Imran Khan, who is able to be present alongside his band members jamming to the new tune of ‘Browse Browse DK Bose’. You ask how is this possible? You hear the band jamming away the high speed features while Imran strums his guitar shaped like a giant MBlaze Ultra dongle.

#DkBoseReturns on social media

The video was launched online via an exciting approach on social networks. The telco brand shared a teaser video and invited its community to tweet the two missing words in the revised lyrics of DK Bose, after replacing ‘Bhaag Bhaag’. The ones to give right answers got exclusive access to the entire video, a day before it was shared with the community at large.

Similar updates were made on MTS India’s Facebook wall too.

Connecting with internet generation

The ‘Internet Generation’ as defined by the brand is a race of young individuals with multiple gadgets and needs to stay hooked onto their internet connections. And the MBlaze Ultra dongle by MTS India is just made for them. The message targeted to this generation, has been in an impressive manner –  the choice of an ionic song like ‘Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose’ that had caught on with the youth three years ago and also starring the brand ambassador, coupled with the rephrasing of the lyrics with high speed features of the dongle. A music video that spells entertainment as well as talks about the product is sure to catch on with young consumers.

Besides, the buzz created around the new product got the community involved too, instead of them being bystanders. It is refreshing to see the music video being revealed following teasers that got the TG guessing.