MTS Emphasizes 3GPLUS Data Superiority With The Birth Of The #MTSInternetBaby

As promotions for the MTS 3Gplus network, MTS India has launched new ad with the internet baby who begins exploiting the internet straight from birth

MTS Internet baby ad

MTS Internet baby ad

They say every generation produces a smarter and more developed human. And we see that in this digital age, with kids adapting faster to technology than ever before. Taking a cue from this, MTS has launched an endearing and quirky campaign which features a new born baby who is familiar with technology and begins exploiting the internet straight from birth!

Making a reference to both the MTS 3Gplus network, which was created to deliver a great data experience, and to the MTS customer – today’s digital natives for whom the internet is a way of life, the campaign has been titled, “Born for the Internet”.

Conceptualized by Creativeland Asia, the commercial begins at a labour room, where a woman is being coaxed by the doctor to ‘push’, as the father and the nurses watch anxiously. Suddenly, the baby’s hand pops out from under the cover and gestures everybody to stop.

The baby crawls from under the sheet and sits on the mother’s chest. From here on in the film the baby does a series of activities that leaves people in the room shocked. He searches for ‘how to cut the umbilical cord’ and then cuts it, takes a selfie with the nurse on a mobile phone and posts it to Instagram, creates accounts on multiple social networking sites and broadcasts himself, makes a video and even uses the GPS system to navigate out of the hospital.

As the baby is seen walking out of the hospital, the receptionist is already watching a video of the baby on YouTube. The super on the screen goes, “Born for the internet. MTS 3GPLUS™ Network.”

Here’s the ad:

Interestingly, the ad film was released in an innovative manner. Staying true to the internet generation, the film was premiered as a bit-torrent at seedpeer for onliners to download and watch. The torrent was named ‘Internet baby cuts its own umbilical cord leaked commercial’ to create the right intrigue. This was followed by a digital and social media campaign, after which the film was released on television.

#MTSInternetBaby on social

This tech savvy baby has already made an interesting debut on social. It started with the arrival of the internet baby being announced through a milestone update on the MTS Facebook page. It informs that the #MTSInternetBaby will soon be sharing his life updates on the timeline. Next the cover photo was changed to reflect the baby conversing with the Facebook fans, following which the ad was shared finally.

Similar updates were made simultaneously on the MTS Twitter page. It appears that the #MTSInternetBaby is on his first flight.

A baby video done right!

We’ve seen many baby videos and they usually go viral. And when babies do human things in a video, they are bound to go really far. So, when a brand comes up with a baby video, I’m usually skeptical about the concept being misaligned with the campaign objective. However, the MTS internet baby campaign has successfully managed to stick to its objective while catering to the baby video fans on the internet.

Besides, it helps that the baby is quite realistic, else the campaign would have been a disaster. As per a note shared by Creativeland, the TVC produced by Smuggler films and directed by Guy Shelmerdine, was shot on location in Prague. 4 real babies were cast to provide the body of the baby along with reference for expressions, lighting and skin texture, using which CGI assets were created by Glassworks London.

Along with a strong concept, the ad comes with a fresh differentiator in the mobile internet space, especially when Indian telcos are fighting tooth and nail to prove their data network is the best.