How The MTS Drone Made NH7 Weekender 2014 A Happier Festival

MTS India introduced the MTS Drone, a first of its kind at the NH7 Weekender 2014 enabling enthusiastic festival goers a chance to show their moves at the Drone stage

MTS Drone NH7 weekender

The NH7 Weekender, famously known as the ‘happiest music festival’ of India is thronged by thousands of people every year. Lasting for about a month, the festival is held across four cities at present and celebrates independent music around and beyond the country. Much sought after by musicians and music lovers alike, there was more happiness in store at the festival this year.

MTS India, the telco that has always been an enabler of the NH7 Weekender, decided to increase the happiness quotient this year for all festival goers.

At the festival this year, MTS introduced the MTS Drone, the first of its kind at the NH7 Weekender which, like an eye in the sky, went around spotting the best of the crowd and leading them to their very own minutes of fame. It flew over the festival grounds spotting interesting people and directing them to the MTS Drone stage that had been set up for the most entertaining lot of people, and indeed, there were one too many.

A shot selector let these folks select the angle they wished to be captured in while they were delivering the best of performances. Artists also registered themselves for the activity and all the pictures and videos were uploaded on the different social media platforms of the brand. This footage and photos were not only send to their creators on social media (through Instagram & Twitter), but MTS also put together a music video using all the footage shot by the users in a first of it’s kind user powered drone music video.

The drone activation was a hit with the crowd. More than 10,000 people engaged with the drone over three cities; it clocked in 1000+ pictures, 300+ videos along with 15 million people reached on social.

The MTS Drone was conceived and developed by digital agency Brandmovers India with Thinkscream as the technology partner for the campaign. Here’s a case study video of the drone in action:

The MTS Drone gave the most enthusiastic festival goers the opportunity to show the world what they’ve got. In return MTS scored, yet again, in connecting with the right audience - the young, social savvy group who’re always connected to the internet.

Playing the active role of an enabler at the music festival, MTS India provides a free Wi-Fi network at the Weekender every year so festival goers can share their experiences with the world. In fact, this year it introduced the MTS Wi-Fi Bin, essentially a social garbage can that rewarded the people who chose the bin for waste disposal with free Wi-Fi access throughout the days of the festival. The happiness was augmented by cleanliness.

Additionally, the MTS Discover Stage empowers independent musicians while connecting with their immediate community of fans and followers. The MTS Drone has only added to the fun at the NH7 Weekender this year.

Apparently having a drone capture candid moments of attendees is almost a must in any event these days. The Wills India Fashion Week this year introduced drones to capture the best moments. At the Kingfisher Octoberfest this year, drones were doling out beer at specially designated areas in the festival.