How The MTS Digital Pujo Awards Reached 8M+ On Social Media And Increased Sales By 9% From West Bengal [Case Study]

Case study to illustrate how MTS India connected with the city of Kolkata on Durgo Puja, by enabling them to vote for their favourite pujo using digital, social media and RFID technology


Durga Pujo is the most awaited festival in West Bengal, almost every Bengali worth his rasogulla awaits the arrival of the goddess every year and makes the most of the ten days she is on her earthly visit. These ten days see Goddess Durga adorned in the finest of sarees and the most intricate jewellery pieces designed only for her. The reverence does not stop there; pandals all over the state compete to bring out the most breathtaking sights of the Goddess one can ever hope to see on earth.

Over the years, many religious organisations and local political parties began to leverage this by organizing ‘Best pandal’ competitions in the city. Now love for the goddess also meant winning the coveted prize and all pandals vied for it every year.

The opportunity

Last Durga Pujo, MTS one of India’s leading telco sensed an opportunity. City of Joy, Kolkata is one of the most important circles for MTS and Durga Pujo the biggest event. So, the telco decided to do something as big around it with the objective to connect with the people.

MTS realised that the existing corporate award competitions have very little to do with what the common people like. Acting as an enabler of democracy, MTS decided to give back the ‘power to the people’ through the ‘Digital Pujo Awards’ designed and executed by digital agency, Brandmovers India. The people of Kolkata could now choose the best Pujos across Kolkata, with the use of technology and social media.

Pujo Awards go truly social

MTS launched the MTS Digital Pujo Awards, an online and offline integrated initiative where the power of judgment was vested upon the city dwellers themselves. They could vote for their favourite pandals and make them win the coveted position of ‘The Best Pujo in Kolkata’.

A microsite was created for the campaign where festival organizers created their profiles and registered their pandals, along with images and other details regarding the same. Communication for call for entries was done on “The Telegraph”, OOH across the city and social media.

Serving as a live feed of conversations, the microsite also became a one-stop destination for those looking to hit the most popular pandals in the city. One could virtually experience Kolkata in all its festive glory, courtesy MTS India.

The interesting part is the offline initiative where one could also vote while visiting a pandal, apart from online voting. MTS set up multiple RFID enabled LIKE-O-METERS and booths at the biggest pandals in the city. Visitors could collect the MTS branded RFID bands at the pandal itself. These bands were linked to their Facebook accounts and could be used to vote for their favorite Pujo pandals by flashing it in front of the LIKE-O-METERS.

The outcome

The MTS Digital Pujo Awards reached more than 8 Million people on social media, with 20000+ RFID bands distributed and 100 LIKE-O-METERS setup across different Pujo pandals.

Of the over 167,000+ votes received, 113,000+ votes came in through RFID bands, 41,000+ votes were through missed calls and the rest through the website directly.

Additionally, the MTS Facebook page received more than 1 lakh new likes during the seven days of the Durga Pujo, serving over 9 million impressions on Facebook and over 5 million impressions on Twitter.

Overall, the campaign touched the hearts of people and directly impacted MTS’s sales. MTS’s overall sales from West Bengal increased by 9% and post-paid data revenues increased by 15% within one month of the campaign.

The Durga Pujo campaign received a gold for “Most Innovative Use of Digital OOH Media” at the  E4M OOH awards. Here’s the case study video of the winning campaign: