#MSAStoryAwards Facebook Page Fails To Impress

Microsoft Advertising has launched the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards but its Facebook campaign really fails to impress

Story telling is an art and today brands are diving deep to find better ways of story telling. Microsoft Advertising has launched the Microsoft Advertising Story Awards which is also called as the ‘The MSAs’. The campaign has been created with the objective to invite brand marketers and advertising agencies from across 30 countries to submit creative ideas that could help a brand or nonprofit organization. The contest is open to marketers across the globe including India too.

So if you think you can tell a story that could address a key business challenge for a brand or nonprofit’s 2012 or 2013 calendar year, then make sure that you express it by using Microsoft Advertising technology and solutions such as  MSN, Mobile, Windows Live, Xbox, etc. The contest is split in two stages in Asia and then there is a global round. The winner will not only be crowned with the Global Microsoft Advertising Story Award for 2012 but also win a weeks exclusive trip to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2012, taking place from 17-23 June in Cannes, France. For more details about the rules and regulations of the contest, please click here.

Now to give a boost to MSAs, a video starring Felicia Day, actress and creator of ”The Guild” web series has been roped in. In addition, it has also jumped onto the bandwagon of social media with a Facebook and a Twitter page. But will MSAs be able to tell a perfect story atleast on social media?

MSA Story Awards Facebook Landing Page

Well, to be blunt MSAs fails to tell a story on social media itself.

1. When I landed on the Facebook page, I was really disappointed and confused at the same time. The page has a smiling face of Felicia Day and also lists two reasons why you should like the page. One of the reasons to like the page is about the MSAs. Interesting thing is that there are details of the contest without any reference of what next? If am a fan who wants to enter the contest then as a fan I am clueless as in where should I submit or ask about how to participate in this contest. I hope the brand is not expecting me to find it out the hard way. A smarter way could have been to have a click button which popped up a similar form that they have on the website to be filled. This would not only make life easy for the fan but it would have been a way to track how many fans from Facebook applied for the contest. So the landing page is nothing more than a beautiful static page that lacks the core reason of why you should have a landing page on Facebook.

2. The content that is being shared on Facebook and Twitter concentrated more on who is talking about the MSAs, etc. I trailed to some extent on both the Twitter and Facebook walls but really couldn’t find any content that speaks about where should I go and apply for the contest exclusively.

I think these two thoughts of mine are sufficient to say that MSAs social media campaign on Facebook really can’t tell a story. Initially I was excited after seeing the video of Felicia Day and was expecting some awesome work on social media but then it is really disappointing to its core.

In 2012 when we are going social in all aspects, we want more innovation from bigger brands on social media as they set benchmarks for others.

Slide Image Courtesy: Microsoft Advertising Asia Facebook Page