Create Your Own MRF NV Mix Using Bike Sounds With This Cool Online Console

MRF has launched the MRF NV Mix digital campaign where anyone can create music using bike sounds from an online console designed by Experience Commerce

The Madras Rubber Factory popularly known as MRF is undoubtedly the first brand to come to mind when you think about tyre manufacturers in the country. This October, MRF Tyres introduced a series of tubeless tyres for high performance bikes with displacements larger than 150-cc named as the NV Series. Bringing in 14 sizes of tubeless tyres from Mogrip and Zapper, the NV Series is designed to take the thrill of riding to the extreme.

In the TVC launched for the NV series, the brand has captured the sound of bikes roaring ahead on the new extreme series and mixed it with music to create an interesting mix.

And the tyre brand is now on a journey to create the MRF NV Mix –tracks with a mix of music and biking, with the help of its fans. MRF has launched the MRF NV Mix digital campaign, in association with its digital agency Experience Commerce, where anyone can create music using a cool online console.

Biking enthusiasts are sure going to love this. To make your very own NV Mix, choose the genre you ride to from Bollywood, Rock, EDM and Hip Hop and play around with the sounds of bikes to create your very own 45-second NV Mix. Impress your friends to get them to share it, the more shares your track collects, the better your chances of winning iPods, headphones, riding gear or even the grand prize – a Honda CBR 250R!

The campaign is powered by the ‘mrfnv website’ that provides a choice of Facebook or Google Plus to login. Head on to the create your own music button after you’ve logged in. I logged in and quickly got on the job.

You start by selecting a base track from any of the four genres - Bollywood, Rock, EDM and Hip Hop and select the bike sounds from a Zapper console or a Mogrip console depending on what you relate to. The Zapper console has bike sounds from the city while the Mogrip console includes off-roading bike sounds.


Not much into off-roading and a pillion rider in the city, I went ahead with the Zapper console after I selected Bolywood as my base track. One can add or remove sounds like air pressure, horn, screech, gear change to engine revs, engine selfstart and engine running. The bike sounds you select will be overlayed on your chosen base track to create your mix.

Preview the mix; submit it if you like the sound of it or else there is an option to go back or choose another concole. Post submission, you can play your mix and share it with your friends via the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share buttons.

Also, you can download it and make it your ringtone. The app creates a customized graffiti art which you can download to set as your background wallpaper. Besides, there is an option to ‘change your mix’ wherein you can make a new track and also keep the shares. If all this isn’t enough, there is an animated video of a bike playing to your mix!


The website also provides information on the NV series of tyres and a blog to keep you updated on the NV journey. Content on the blog shares interesting stuff like crazy helmet designs, famous cine stars who rode bikes and facts about riders.

Blending music, biking and fun

I had never associated bikes with music. The roar of an engine, sounds of gearshifts, keys and horns were all but ‘noise’ to me. But this campaign has changed it. Who would have expected to create incredibly easy tracks made with bike sounds from an online console?

Slick design coupled with smooth execution makes for a fun user experience. I have been making my mix with the various combinations at the console, and still wanting more of it. The required social shares along with the fun quotient makes it a shareable post on user timelines. Besides, the blog is an interesting addition with relevant content catering to the bikers.

The  MRF NV Mix is an amazing digital campaign designed to reach out to the socially networked biking enthusiasts from all over the country. It is great to see a tyre brand blend music, biking and fun!