Movie Platform Rinema Creates Interactive Collages To Show Off Your Favourite Movies

by Vinaya Naidu on January 15, 2022

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Rinema, the movie platform that helps movie buffs to stay updated, organised and share their kind of movies with a set of like-minded folks from across the globe, has just announced an exciting feature at the site. Users can create interactive collage posters of all the movies they have watched or just the ones they watched in 2013 and show it off as a Facebook Cover image or Twitter background.

With the new year, the year-old startup has created the ‘2013 in Movies - Year in Review’ report based on the ratings data by Rinema users to see which movies worked and which didn’t. But, instead of making a list, Rinema has created a poster collage where interestingly, the size of the poster is roughly proportional to Rinema Rank (Rinema Rank is an internal measurement metric which takes both popularity & average rating into account but emphasizes popularity).

Similar pages have been created for users to be able to show off their year in Review (or even their favourite movies). By default it shows all the movies that you have watched. You can then configure it to show just 2013 by either selecting the watched on date option or picking a collection.

Featured above is a snapshot of all the movies that I have watched and rated on Rinema.

You can click on any poster in the collage to see the average rating and top review. You can download the collage image as a Facebook Cover photo, Twitter background or as a wallpaper in different resolutions. There are social sharing buttons too, with which you can share on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter  and Pinterest.

Moreover, there is a collage poster celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema with 100 films. As the centenary year celebrations of Indian Cinema drew to a close, the top 100 Hindi films were chosen based on Rinema Rank and divided into decades. Here you could discover the favourites picked by Rinema users.

Movie buffs are sure to love the new interactive collages to show off their favourites. Have you checked out your collage at Rinema yet? If not, here’s our detailed review to get you started on Rinema.

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