Movies Now Promotes ‘Best Of Leo’ On Facebook

A look at the Facebook promotions for the 'Best of Leo' film festival brought by Movies Now television channel


Be it the adorable ‘Jack Dawson’ in the Titanic or the diamond smuggler in ‘Blood Diamond’, Leonardo DiCaprio never ceases to amaze us with his true to character performances in any of these. In view of his powerful performances, Movies Now – the English movie channel from the Times Television Network – has launched the ‘Best of Leo’ film festival this December starting from the 7th at 9 pm, every Friday. ((Article source))

The movies in store – Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Titanic, Body of Lies, Man in the Iron Mask –  are icons in themselves, and call for a grand promotion for ‘Best of Leo’ with Facebook taking over as the preferred choice.


The Movies Now Facebook  page with over 2.2 million fans, is creating quite a buzz for the film festival beginning with an attractive new cover page featuring the various characters played by Leonardo. In addition, the timeline is also replete with updates about the forthcoming festival as early as December 1 and has been promoting the movies being showcased as part of the festival. Along with a plethora of other movie updates on the channel, fans are treated to a few of the Actor’s best performances too.

It is interesting to note that most of the posts with the film festival updates have received more than 2500 likes to some reaching beyond 6000 likes. The number of shares and comments on each of these posts depends on the type of content with questions for the fans having the maximum number of comments.

However, the Movies Now Twitter page has not had any tweets on the ‘Best of Leo’ festival.

Besides, in comparison to the ‘All the Bonds’ Bond movies festival that commenced last month on Movies Now, ‘Best of Leo’ promotions on Facebook lacks in building interest to similar levels. ‘All the Bonds’ had launched the ‘Live like Bond’ contest hosted on a Facebook app, where the winner could win a trip to Britain and experience the iconic locations from all the Bond movies.

Nevertheless, the promotions for ‘Best of Leo’ seem to be bringing in good engagement that may perhaps rise higher with additional features like contests, etc.