Moved on to our own domain!

Moved on to our own domain!

Moving On

Like all good things come to an end, only to be reborn as something even better, so have we. There is an old Hindu proverb that goes like ‘What you can do tomorrow, do it today; what you can do today, do it now”. When we started off, we were launching ourselves on a springboard, equipped only with a purpose, a whole bag of raw enthusiasm and a desire to bridge a gap. The idea of ‘Should we invest now? never ocurred to us and Google Blogger offered us a free platform anyways!

Well, over the months, we have gained clarity in our vision and have taken the big leap. We will now continue to do the good work on our own domain here. Having initially postponed this decision till end of this year, but thanks to our readers and the social media community at large, we have gained the confidence to do it right away. Do continue to give your valuable feedback and support and we promise to burn even more of our midnight lamp.

Our posts will be around the same vision – to capture every change/idea/growth of social media in India. Please get in touch with us the moment you find anything that is not quite so. Our email address is [email protected], but frankly you can get to us quicker on our Twitter handle @lhinsights. Although we have nothing against Google Blogger, our old blog ‘‘ will auto-redirect you here ‘‘. If you have ideas or improvement areas for us, we would be glad to hear from you.

With own domain, comes own responsibility…