#HeroesWanted At Mountain Dew, Star With Hrithik Roshan In A Short Action Film

Mountain Dew has launched 'Heroes Wanted' - a hunt for 3 daring individuals who will star along with Hrithik Roshan in a short action film inspired by his movie Bang Bang

mountain dew heroes wanted

Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming action film, ‘Bang Bang’ has a lot of bang for his fans. The actor, who is also the brand ambassador for Mountain Dew, the PepsiCo owned beverage, is giving his fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feature along with him in a short action film. The short film will have Hrithik Roshan re-enacting the stunts performed for Bang Bang.

Driven by the philosophy of ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai’, Mountain Dew has launched the new campaign with Hrithik called ‘#HeroesWanted’ to help further strengthen its adventure quotient and being fearless.

To participate, you need buy a Mountain Dew PET 600ml, 1ltr or 1.25ltr bottle and SMS the unique code printed on the back of the label to09510101010. 10 shortlisted winners selected by the randomiser software can then bring 2 of their friends to form a team of three to compete in the next round of the challenge.

The elimination is a unique obstacle course designed to test their adventure quotient and daring attitude. The teams will compete with each other in specially designed tasks which will test their endurance and patience. Each round pushes the participants to showcase their tactical skills in the obstacle course where they don’t just beat their opponents but overcomes their weaknesses and fears as well.

The winning team of 3 gets to feature alongside Hrithik Roshan in the short action film directed by a highly trained professional team. The video will be released exclusively on YouTube, with a simultaneous release on a microsite. (as stated in the T&Cs)

In the new TVC, Hrithik calls for real-life heroes to join him in this new adventure:

The #HeroesWanted promo is supported by a 360-degree approach including a thematic on-air campaign, outdoor and on-ground activations along with a digital engagement programme. Mountain Dew’s Facebook page with more than 2 million fans and Twitter page with 14.5K followers have been actively calling out to all adventure seekers. Incidentally, Hrithik Roshan who has more than 6.65 million followers on Twitter is busy promoting his new movie ‘Bang Bang’ by sharing trailers, and challenging his friends to the #BangBangDare.

Engaging with the adventure seekers

Mountain Dew has always been synonymous with the affirmation, ‘Darr ke aage jeet hai‘, so strong has its positioning around ‘fearless’ been. Associating with an action movie like Bang Bang and the ‘Heroes Wanted’ initiative will further its brand positioning and adventure quotient. Giving an opportunity to adventure seekers to perform stunts along with Hrithik Roshan will help connect with the right target audience, and also help the promotions of the upcoming action film.

The ‘Heroes Wanted’ call is on till the 30th of October, and the last date for participation is 15th October, 2014. And don’t forget, ‘Life mein kuch karna hai to risk to lena padega…’