Motorola’s #MyMotoLogo Sparks Amazing User Designed Batwing Logos

As Motorola’s Batwing logo turns 60 this June, the company has announced #MyMotoLogo, a contest where one can win customized Moto X with their own Batwing logo

Since 1955, when the original Batwing was designed by the award-winning Morton Goldsholl for Motorola, the logo has been the company’s hallmark. While bolder lines and typography made for impact in the first rendition, elegance and cutting-edge are at the centre of the Batwing we all see today.

The Batwing is a reflection of how the company works to give us the best devices, the best experience and, more importantly, the power to choose.

Motorola’s Batwing turned 60 on June 19, 2015; it was first introduced on June 19, 2022 and, although the iconic logo has undergone multiple transformations, it has retained its Batman essence.

To mark the celebrations, the phone maker rolled out a unique logo design contest where anyone can come up with their own interpretation of the Moto batwing logo. The six best entries based on design and creativity will win a Moto X each with their customised logo on it!

Rightly hashtagged #MyMotoLogo, Motorola India has created a microsite with access to the open files required for making the logo. One can look for inspiration as well as the rules at the microsite.

Participants can add a doodle, photograph or graffiti and then submit their entries via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram along with the hashtag #MyMotoLogo. Alternately, they can submit it on the microsite. A jury of four art influencers will help participants to create their final versions of Batwing logo.

The submissions are now closed and results will be announced on June 29. A gallery displays the user submissions as images and videos.

A glance through the hashtag #MyMotoLogo throws up an amazing array of user designed Batwing logos. Savour a few of the best user interpretations of the Motorola Batman logo shared on Twitter:

Smart. Memorable. Incentive-driven

User generated campaigns or UGCs serve as a fun way to get your fans deeply engaged with the concept, and when it comes to letting consumers interpret a brand logo through a UGC, the consumer connect only gets stronger. #MyMotoLogo helps build closer consumer bonds with brand Motorola along with being a memorable one for the celebration of the Batwing as the iconic logo turns 60.

Besides, the incentive of customised Moto X with the winning Batwing logos is the cherry on the cake here. A win-win campaign for the brand which does not have to invest in creating content, as well as the Moto enthusiasts who would love to have a Moto X with a Batwing logo of their own making!