10 Most Engaging 2014 Mother’s Day Facebook Posts

The article pulls out 10 most engaging 2014 mother's day Facebook posts based on number of shares and likes with the help of Unmetric

Last weekend was branded as official Mother’s Day weekend. With social streams being swamped by tributes and love for mothers by fans, brands couldn’t ignore the sentiment. Content plays the ultimate role and brands have stuck to visual updates for such occasions.

Like last Mother’s day, this year too, we have dug out the most engaging Facebook posts with the help of the social media brand monitoring product Unmetric. Weightage has been given to shares, likes and then comments. Since every brand wanted to cash in from the event, we considered the top ten brands who had more then 2000 shares on their content.

1. MTV India: The youth channel which has more than 6.6 million fans on Facebook posted a visual image with a hashtag #HappyMothersDay. Not sure if the visual of a mother and child playing is original content but has gained the most number of shares in the list. The content had more than 19K people sharing it, 66K liking it and another 600 people commenting on it. According to Unmetric, the engagement score was 1000. Another post of MTV India for the same occasion has got a decent amount of buzz too.

MTV_India Facebook

2.  Garbage Bin: The visual content creator had an interesting visual to share with its community on Mother’s Day. The content that brings back childhood memories while remembering mother’s love got shares by more than 16K people and liked by another 50K people. The content got more than 902 comments with fans adding their emotions with mother.

Garbage_Bin Facebook

3. Bindass: The music and entertainment television channel had a unique way of sharing the brand’s thoughts on the occasion. The visual content spoke about mother nature. The content which looks like its been taken from the internet has got more than 13K shares and another 97K people liking it. Close to 1K people commented but I wonder how many reflected a negative sentiment since the image looked photoshopped for quite a few users. The brand had posted another visual of a cat for the occasion which got good traction. Wonder what similarity does a cat holding a rose have with Mother’s day though!


4. NDTV Goodtimes: The lifestyle television channel pulled up a common meme for the mothers day crediting it to Pinterest. The content has been shared by 10K people, liked 26K times and has comments from another 359 people. The channel could have invested in some original visual for the day.


5. National Geographic Channel India: The wildlife television channel shared something very interesting and also aligned with its objective. The channel posted a visual of a mother carrying her child. The content has received 7K shares, 61K likes and another 500 comments. The brand shared a smart message on the occasion with its 11M fans.


6. SUN TV Network: The regional television channel which has 1.2M fans had a simple message to share on Mothers day. The content which wishes its fans a happy mothers day got more than 5.8K shares and 11K people liked it. Sun could  have done better than just posting a plain image.


7. Disney India: The popular kids channel used one of its all time favorite character Mickey to wish fans. The visual content has received more than 5.6K shares, 30K people liked it and another 262 people have commented on it.


8. Vodafone Zoozoos: The most adorable characters of the present time had a cute message to share on their Facebook page. The visual content that asked fans what they are gifting their moms on mother’s day has received more than 2.3K shares, 23K likes and another 223 people commented on it. The brand did what it always does with Zoozoos.


9. thatsTamil - Oneindia.in:  The regional online content site had an appealing visual to be shared for the day. The message posted in Tamil which speaks about mother’s love being the same regardless of the reality of life got more than 2.5K shares and more than 10K people liked it. More than 139 people commented on the post.


10. Save The Tiger: The ongoing  initiative to save the tigers of our country posted a great visual with due credits to the photographer. The visual which shows a tigress taking care of her cubs got more than 1.8K shares, 14K people liking it and another 100 people commenting on it.


Out of the 10, content from Garbage Bin stands out for its originality, creativity and a message that grabs your attention. While we understand that numbers don’t equate to creativity, so if you find some really interesting content shared by a brand on Mother’s Day then do share with us in the comments section.