Mother Dairy’s ‘Maa Jaisa Koi Nahi’ On Facebook, Not So Adorable

Mother Dairy has repositioned to 'Maa jaisa koi nahi' with a brand new TVC and a Facebook campaign to promote it. Here we try to match the Facebook campaign with the TVC and find out how good is the Facebook campaign.

Mother_Dairy Maa jaisa koi nahi

Mother Dairy has repositioned to ‘Maa jaisa koi nahi’ with a brand new TVC and a Facebook campaign to promote it. Here we try to match the Facebook campaign with the TVC and find out how good is the Facebook campaign.

Set up in 1974 under the Operation Flood Programme, Mother Dairy is a wholly owned company of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Although popular for its milk and cheese, Mother Dairy for me is the rather endearing TVC for its cooking oil brand, Dhara, where the little boy returns home for ‘jalebi’! Such is the impact of emotional connect that brands never cease to create memorable campaigns that touch the heart, be it for oil, soap or an insurance policy.

And social media has only broadened the scope for emotional connect, especially with the content on Facebook. Mother Dairy, in a bid towards repositioning with ‘Maa jaisa koi nahi‘ has launched a cool contest on its Facebook page, that amplifies its latest TVC around the same message. In the contest, you can write a letter to your mother saying how much you love her and these letters will then be sent to your mother either through email, courier or as a Facebook update tagging her. If your letter touches a chord, you win exciting vouchers.


The contest has been run on a simple Facebook app which displays the TVC as a video and has textboxes that require to be filled. The app is intelligent enough to pull your name from Facebook. All you have to do is fill your mother’s name and enter your story of love before clicking ‘submit’. But do read the Terms & Conditions given below.

The app then brings up three choices for sending your letter: email, share on the Facebook wall or send it physically. Whichever option you select, the app will then ask you for details before the final submit.

How good is the app?

The concept is adorable but that’s by nature of the message. The app leaves a lot to be desired in terms of features and execution if not being innovative enough is fine. Firstly, the TVC video begins to play on auto as soon as the app is loaded. Autoplay videos used to be a Facebook app guideline violation but not anymore. Still, it is a good practise to let the user have control over play video.

Besides, it would have been nice to see a gallery with letters featured on it. When Oreo India celebrated Fathers Day, it had a similar concept called ‘Dear Dad‘, where fans had to write a letter to their dad which would then be sent either through email, Facebook update or courier. The app provided three beautiful templates which you could preview before you submit your letter and a gallery that featured all letters. Also, there was an option to not share it on the gallery, if you did not wish others to see your letter!

Micromax had also played with the ‘letter to dad’  concept while launching the Funbook this year, targeting students specifically. The app was way too advanced in comparison but helped bring out the advantages of having a Funbook.

And now coming to the glitches in the ‘Maa jaisa koi nahi’ app, I was surprised when I saw the T&Cs. As per the rules, you have to be a fan of Mother Dairy page to be eligible for the contest, but the app welcomed me without me having to ‘like’ the page. The app should have taken care of this at the time of initialisation stage itself. The other issue is with the testing – I was able to proceed without entering the contact details of my mother!

I’m not too impressed with the Facebook app although it is a simple, effective concept. What about you?