MonsterTV - India’s First And Only Career Channel on Youtube

by Prasant Naidu on July 27, 2022

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Monster India has recently launched MonsterTV on Youtube which is India’s first and only career channel to help professionals. is a portal that is in the recruiting business from 1994. According to an infographic that describes the history of – 63 million job seekers/month are active on the portal that hosts 150 million resumes. A trusted destination for professionals.

With the changing times, Monster has evolved to introduce new features. Some time back, it had launched the BeKnown app which is integrated with Facebook and allows you to do your professional work and interact with people on Facebook.

Carrying on the same trend further, Monster has now launched MonsterTV, a complete destination of opportunities, tools and tips provided by Monster to get your dream job. And without forgetting the ‘luck’ factor which Monster considers important!

So what is MonsterTV?

To access the MonsterTV, you will have to log into Youtube. The branded Youtube page has a set of ‘Monster Buddies’ that come from different professions to tell you in detail about the features of MonsterTV, that could be used to find your dream job. The below video is one such video:

After the video ends, you are provided with a list of services from Monster which you need to click and explore. Not only this, MonsterTV also provides with thoughts from industry people about the job market, skill set, etc.

Features like Industry Buzz, Monster Anytime Anywhere, I Love Monster, etc. are really useful. For example, ‘Monster Anytime Anywhere’ provides you with the various ways to check Monster on the go. From mobile apps to Monster College to BeKnown, Monster has provided all the services at one place.

Similarly a feature like ‘I Love Monster’ is a set of videos that talk about success stories of people who have seen success through Monster. ‘Industry Buzz’ is a very useful feature to be updated with industry trends. This section holds a set of videos that feature different HR personnel from various companies who share thoughts on different aspects of company culture. In addition to this, the feature ‘Monster Interview’ that is again a set of videos that talks about tips and common mistakes committed by candidates from experienced HR personnel,  is a great one.

Apart from these main features, the Youtube page has some interesting add-ons too. For instance, the background image changes automatically upon selection of different ‘Monster Buddies’. Luck is a crucial factor for grabbing an opportunity along with other things so Monster allows you to wish your friend luck along with your message and interesting images.

How good is the MonsterTV?

MonsterTV is a feature made for the professionals of today. It goes out to show how a company is thinking beyond social networks to be really called as a social company. Here are a couple of features that are worth a mention:

1. Using Youtube videos and sharing the message with its online professionals is a master stroke. Youtube as a platform has been an apt choice, considering its growth in India. And the services that are being provided by MonsterTV could be only best explained via videos.

2. Giving a brand a face and sharing viewpoints from industry experts is another planned move. It’s always effective if your fans or users turn into your brand ambassadors. Monster India has done the same thing with MonsterTV and I am sure that it is going to add more such useful videos to its catalogue.

The results are showing in terms of the different video views. For example, the MonsterTV – Explorer video has already got more than 33,000 views in two weeks. Other videos have a decent response too.

Additionally, the brand is creating awareness on its other social network such as Facebook. The social network is being used effectively by sharing cool videos from MonsterTV. The brand cover page is also talking about MonsterTV. This has not only created awareness in its 49,000 plus fans but has also intrigued fans to check out the MonsterTV.

In today’s age, we all know that with LinkedIn giving a stiff fight to traditional job portals such as Monster, Naukri, etc., Monster India’s move to create MonsterTV is a well thought of one. It would be interesting to see if this would motivate other traditional recruiting sites to evolve and try something new.

How effective do you think MonsterTV will be for your professional career? 

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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