Monster India has been running #MonsterMyJob as a Promoted Trend since three days on Twitter, and looks like it will stay there for a few more days, or until job seekers figure out that finding their job is simply equivalent to ‘Monster my job’, more like the brand name reflecting its purpose.

The job search portal is on a mission to define its new delivery promise of ‘Find Better’ with Monster, through its latest digital campaign.

They say that successful people are those who love what they do. Monster has taken a generous dose of inspiration from this saying, for its new campaign #LoveWhatYouDo. The job search portal is laying emphasis on finding a job that meets your passion, so you could be successful.

The promoted tweet displays a link to a Monster poll revealing how many people love their job. Almost 50% said they couldn’t find a job that meets their passion, 13% said they were lucky as they are able to follow their passion in their current jobs, 15% were unsure about their passion, and 17% said they only worked for money.

To add to the brand message, Monster brought forth two stories of people who worked hard to find their true passion and a job that goes well with it.

This is the story of Rishabh, a Tour Operations Manager who loved meeting new people and travelling. From sales, he moves on to a tour company to gain the best of both his interests. Of course, he uses Monster India to find the job of his dreams.


This is the story of Lakshya, a game developer. Gaming was his passion but when it came to finding work, Lakshya ended up being a software coder. But then he made a move to writing codes for games and is a happy man.


The message is further amplified with visuals shared on its Facebook and Twitter pages, where Monster India is citing examples of successful people like Bill Gates and more.

A response to Shine’s #LagGayiVaat fiasco?

One can’t help but compare Monster’s latest campaign to the recent Shine campaign ‘Lag Gayi Vaat’. Although both companies are in the business of online job search, Monster’s #LoveWhatYouDo is diametrically opposite in concept to Shine’s #LagGayiVaat.

Shine’s campaign seemed to be targeting people who screw up at work and are thrown out for their disgustingly unprofessional behaviour. It roped in actor Jaaved Jaffery as this office bumpkin who bumps into awkward situations at the workplace and loses his job, in a series of three TVCs, of which one was canned later.

While in one ad, Jaaved loses his job for having accidentally hit the behind of his boss’ wife, in another one he is fired for having peed into a pot, as the restroom was fully occupied. The third is off air and off its YouTube channel too, after it was accused of portraying sexual harassment at work as funny.

Shine’s #LagGayiVaat wanted to capitalise on humour, but probably it was the campaign ‘jiski lag gayi vaat’. Later, Shine launched a Dubsmash campaign inviting people to share their appraisal stories via Dubsmash videos. The wittiest won vouchers.

In comparison, Monster has taken a positive route, both in its message and its execution while reaching out to job seekers. #LoveWhatYouDo respects a job seeker’s passion and is an assertive statement to encourage passion at work.

Besides, it beautifully blends with the brand’s new delivery service of #FindBetter with Monster, meaning better jobs, better connections and better access. Monster, I #LoveWhatYouDo!