Modi Wants All His Ministers To Be On Social Media For Public Outreach

Narendra Modi has asked his ministers to be active on social media so that they can use Facebook, Twitter for public outreach


We know how strongly India’s new PM Narendra Modi believes in social media. What we don’t know is that Modi has directed his ministers to open Twitter accounts and create Facebook pages. The PM who himself has been active on social media wants his ministers to use the medium extensively for public outreach.

According to The Indian Express ministers have been asked to put all policy initiatives in the public domain through these platforms, initiate discussions, seek feedback and incorporate valuable suggestions, besides maintaining a constant dialogue with people.

“Public outreach is an important part of the PM’s governance model and social media will be an important tool towards that end,” said a source linked to the development.

Besides  there was some clarity on how Modi’s both personal and PMO account would be used. “His personal account will be for communication in his capacity as a political leader… an individual. That’s the space where one will see messages such as Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif telling him (reference to a tweet by Modi on May 26) about his mother, whereas the official account will be for official communication such as placing a new policy document for public perusal and feedback or communicating with world leaders,” said another person who is part of the strategy group.

The new diktat from Modi isn’t surprising considering his recent announcement to continue using social media to engage with the citizens of the country.

Considering BJP and its workers have been active since the election campaign days, the new diktat won’t be a problem. Even if there are some goof ups, it is still a learning and good for the current NDA government and the country too.