Modi Asks BJP MPs To Use Social Media For Propagating Its Bold Decisions And Exposing Negative Propaganda By Opposition

PM Modi met 30 MPs from Rajasthan and shared tips with them to use social media for propagating his government's bold decisions and exposing negative propaganda by opposition


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been on an extensive social media propagation spree in the country’s new government that has completed two months in office.. He has been meeting his party MPs from different states and guiding them on effective means to connect with the common man using social media.

As part of this series on meeting party MPs, Modi met 30 MPs from Rajasthan at his residence. The Economic Times reports that the PM gave tips to them on their role in propagating the “bold” decisions taken by his government and asked them to make use of the social media in “exposing the negative propaganda” by the opposition.

He said that confidence has been generated among the common people about the new government and that this confidence should work as an inspiration for the government and the party.

Further he added that the two-month government has taken some “bold” decisions, due to which the hopes of the people of the country to bring about a change in the country’s future have been kindled. He told them to propagate such decisions to the public at the grassroots level.

Modi had earlier met BJP MPs from Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir and interacted with them over breakfast.

Besides BJP is making all the moves towards having its party members adopt technology and be held accountable. The party has added all its 323 members of Parliament to a WhatsApp group set up recently, where they will receive important information from the party. The lawmakers’ WhatsApp activities will be administered by the BJP Parliamentary Party office.