MOBISur Digital Campaign Is Clueless On Social Media

by Prasant Naidu on August 2, 2021


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Shankar Mahadevan is on the hunt for a singer with whom he plans to record his new album via MOBISur, a digital campaign launched by Hungama, in which social media is being used extensively.

Shankar Mahadevan, the well-known music composer and singer is on the hunt for a new singing sensation duo and for that a digital campaign called ‘MOBISur’ has been designed. The contest that is accepting entries till 26th August 2012, is a talent hunt available both online and on mobile.  The objective is to find the next big male and female singing sensation selected by the maestro Shankar Mahadevan himself.

The campaign has been designed in such a way that maximum people can take part in this talent hunt. A full-fledged website has been created where you can upload your songs for selection. In addition to this, at the same time you can have a look at the videos uploaded by other participants and vote for them too. At present the gallery shows more than 144 videos and I think this number is going to grow exponentially in the coming days.

The contest also allows you to upload your entry via mobile if you don’t have accesses to the web. Additionally, the talent hunt has made a presence on social media too. But quite interestingly, the MOBISur campaign has not created a new social media presence but has integrated itself with Shankar Mahadevan’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. There is no point in inventing the wheel again when Shankar himself is the face of MOBISur and already has a huge fan following across both the social networks.

MOBISur Facebook app

The Facebook page of Shankar Mahadevan, which already has a fan following of more than 600K fans, has a Facebook app created for the talent hunt. After authentication, you are shown couple of tabs out of which ‘Start’ and ‘Instructions’ are essential if you want to be part of the contest. If you click on ‘Start’, you would have an option to upload your image or select your Facebook profile image. Once you are happy with the image then leave your mobile number and message for Shankar. If you are lucky then you get a call or message from Shankar.

mobisur talent hunt

The app follows Facebook guidelines. Before posting content on my wall, it gave me a preview. A norm that most of the apps ignore on Facebook. Navigation of the app is smooth, its bug free and has sharing options. However, I couldn’t find the Terms & Conditions for this contest link on the app. This could create confusion for a fan who lands on the app for the first time but has no idea of the contest. One simple reason for confusion could be - how long the contest is open. Also, is there a need to collect phone numbers?

How creative is the campaign on Social Media?

The MOBISur campaign, which is quite effective on digital, fails to impress on social media especially on Facebook. The talent hunt that is being run on the web has no similarity with the Facebook campaign. In both the platforms, the objective is to find talents but the contest that is being run on Facebook has left me clueless.

On Facebook, it is asking fans to upload a picture, number and message for Shankar who would call or message fans later. Now how would a fan be chosen or given a chance to sing is a mystery to  me! The Facebook campaign has clearly left a bad taste in my mouth due to its lack of brainstorming on Facebook. Apart from this, the campaign is using Twitter but here also it is using the personal Twitter account of Shankar. The downfall in doing this is the lack of buzz being created for the campaign on social.

Nevertheless, MOBISur is a great digital initiative giving opportunity to the hidden talents of India. Although, it claims to be a complete digital initiative, this kind of digital-only talent hunt has been done before - crowdsourcing talent via digital or social. Bollywood has been doing this and recently we saw T-Series long with Vishesh Films hunting for actor and actress for an upcoming film.

It would have been really great if the campaign had given attention to the social space along with the digital initiative. What do you think?

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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  • SK

    Like a typical death of a very good innovative idea due to poor execution, Mobisur finally came to an end this year with failure to deliver its promises. With only 8000 entries received (though 6 Lacs claimed on media), there were hardly any process / plan being followed and in a hush hush, the results were declared with lot of noise from most of participants on lack of transparency and unfair policy. Apparently, Hungama TV, Vivel and Shankar Mahadevan desperately wanted to somehow complete this comptition in this year itself, come what may. Lot to clean up for them I am sure and wish they could have planned and executed it better.

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