Mobile Social TV Network TeleTango From Apptarix Launches Web App

Apptarix Mobility Solutions has now launched a web app for TeleTango, the social TV network for Indian television already present on Android


TV is becoming social day by day in the country and startups are the ones that are pushing the change. One such startup to make TV a bit more social is Apptarix. The Bangalore based startup initially had launched TeleTango, an exciting mobile social TV network for Indian television which we had reviewed here.

Two months after the mobile app launch, Muralidhar K Sridhar, Founder, Apptarix Mobility Solutions has informed us that the startup has now launched a web app which will allow users to access the social app from all laptops, desktops and iPad Browsers for those who don’t have an Android device.

The web app works with your Facebook login and once the authentication is done, you land up on a screen like the one shown below:


Lounge, Guide and Connections are the major features along with your personal profile details. Lounge, as the name goes, gives a quick snapshot of television programs that are running at present and also the ones that are planned to come later on too. Click on any programme - it gives you more details, social presence and the social chatter happening for the programme. The feature is similar to the one already present in the mobile app.

Guide gives you the quick list of the TV programmes grouped in categories with time added along with a search feature. Connections is a feature to connect with Facebook friends already using the app and one can invite Facebook friends who are not present. Great way to build your network on the app.

Going further the startup is planning to release iPad and iPhone mobile apps but for now you can still give the web app a spin and find out how useful it is.