Twaang Is The New Indian Mobile Only App Streaming Classical Music

App review of Twaang Android mobile app which is the new kid in the Indian streaming business that is streaming classical music.

Twaang Mobile Anrdoid App

Music streaming services were all the rage in the last two years. We had Saavn, Dhingana, Hungama, Gaana which were all competing with one another to take advantage of the rising mobile internet usage in order to deliver a legal way to deliver music to users. That race seems to have slowed down a bit. Dhingana shut shop recently and even though the other services are still running, we still don’t know exactly how they have been doing.

Launching a new music streaming app these days would be like re-inventing the wheel and Twaang, the newest kid on the block has something going for it. Twaang is a mobile only service and is completely focused on letting its users discover original and classical Indian music. Their music library is full of Indian classical music, fusion, folk and live concert recordings. The app wants to make it easier for users to discover quality Indian music. Twaang has 80000+ songs, 5000+ albums and 4000+ artists featured on its library. As of now all this music is free to stream for anyone who has the app.

Twaang allows you access to its music library even if you don’t sign up. You can stream music and search for artists but there are limitations. You will not be able to view playlists and listen to songs offline. You can save songs offline and listen to them at your convenience but you need to be a subscriber to do this. You sign into the app using Facebook or your email.

The app is pretty simple. You have four sections.

1. What’s new: This section gives you a bird’s eye view of all the music on Twaang. Music is arranged here by categories such as Top Tracks, New Releases and Featured Artists. You can also choose to look at Twaang’s recommendations in the We Recommend section.

2. Playlists: The app allows you to make your own playlists based on all the tracks you listen to on Twaang. Every song can be added to your playlist and can be accessed easily at your convenience. Twaang also has playlist recommendations which you can have a look at.

3. Search: You can search across Twaang’s database of artists and songs by keying in your queries in this section. Search is categorized with respect to Title, Artist and Album.


4. Now Playing: This section houses the player and the controls. You can choose to shuffle, pause, play and repeat songs from this section.


The quality of sound being delivered by the app is decent. The design of the app is not modern enough. They should work on updating the UI. Overall the app is an excellent resource for Indian music aficionados. A whole lot of Indian music maestros support Twaang in order to let their music spread to bigger audience. Some of the music will be exclusive to Twaang and this could be a good thing for the new service.

Give it a go if you are a fan of Indian classical, Folk and Fusion music. It is available on Google Play.

Image credit: Facebook