Mobile Ad Network Vserv Launches SmartRewards, Get Rewarded For Watching Ads

Vserv, one of India’s prominent Mobile Ad Networks, has come up with an attractive concept of rewarding viewers of advertisements

Vserv advertising network

Vserv, one of India’s prominent Mobile Ad Networks, has come up with an attractive concept of rewarding viewers of advertisements.

Christened SmartRewards, the platform incentivizes users and rewards them with free talk–time, concessions in Data and SMS and other such prizes. Though yet to go live, the product does appear to have potential of going viral owing to its viewer–sided approach.

How will SmartRewards operate?

Vserv confirms that advertisers can use this format to reward consumers, who engage with their ads, download their apps and take other actions. The platform is versatile enough to intelligently decipher and reward particular actions taken by the end user.

Advertisers can reward a user, when he downloads an app, fills a form, views a video and any other engagement sought by the advertiser, with the content being sent across. Moreover, brand promoters can also choose exactly when and precisely what reward should be given to the user, during and after the ad has been displayed. The nature of the ads won’t matter too. Vserv has said the ads may be in the form of banners, HTML5 rich media, full screen billboards, video, survey forms or any other format.


SmartRewards is capable of tracking the users’ action and that too in real–time. If the user executes all the steps expected by the advertisers, he is instantly rewarded with top–up in the balance. Though the platform seems restricted to prepaid customers, it is still not clear whether postpaid users will be eligible by changing the parameters of qualification.

Interestingly, Tata Teleservices already has the same concept in play, wherein subscribers, who were willing to watch an ad, are rewarded with talk-time. Another ad network, Eureka Mobile had offered an evolved version of its novel idle screen monetization platform that offered engagement capability with the user. The platform utilizes the idle-screen’s display, to beam ads and viewers who watch it are offered incentives. While Vserv’s approach may be slightly different, the adoption of the platform could be high owing to the benefits for everyone involved. This proves that ad networks are now trying to evoke the desire to engage with an advertisement in hopes of earning tangible benefits.

Vserv has been churning out multiple ad related products like AppWrapper, AudiencePro and has augmented its platform to support rich HTML5 ads. With SmartRewards the company has made it even more lucrative to the people who are actually served the advertisement. Interestingly though, the adoption will have to first take place by app developers and brand managers who will initially decide the success rate of the platform. What do you think?