Mobile Ad Network InMobi Introduces Native Advertising, Ads To Be Blended Within Apps

InMobi, one of the leading independent Mobile Ad Networks has come up with a novel concept of blending the advertisements within the mobile application to keep them non–intrusive.


InMobi, one of the leading independent mobile ad networks has come up with a novel concept of blending the advertisements within the mobile application to keep them non–intrusive. The company has launched a Native Ads Platform, which offers app developers a chance to deliver ads on their platform which can be customized to match the look and feel of the app. Native Ads are hoped, will minimize the ‘interruption’ factor that other types of ads are prone.

The new platform is built atop InMobi’s prevalent ad network and will offer in-context, but standard mobile ad units like in-stream ads, icons and news feeds to publishers. Ad publishers will also have access to global campaigns from app developers, brand marketers and commerce advertisers on the InMobi ad network.

The company assures that the platform has the intelligence to creatively ‘stitch’ the ads in real–time using creative assets like logo, tagline, call-to-action & others provided by the advertisers. App developers can then customize finer details in these ad units, so that the whole ad matches the app’s look and feel. Some of the customizations possible with minimum efforts are primary visual representation, multiple interaction elements (swipe, flip, click, etc.) and social sharing options.

Blending of the ads within the application or game is certainly a very creative process and InMobi’s claims that the same can happen on–the–fly is tough to accept, but nonetheless, the desire to serve ads that don’t look like ads, is impressive. Traditionally ads have been intrusive in varying degrees. They have been in–the–face of the end users and many a times, taken away the pleasure of using the app or playing a game. Too much of these ads resulted in ‘Banner Blindness’ (viewers ignoring ads completely).

InMobi’s endeavors are surely noteworthy when it comes to Mobile Ads. With platforms like App Publish, which allows developers the freedom to publish apps simultaneously across 130+ app stores, InMobi SmartAds, which offers delivery of highly personalized rich media ads and so on, the company has created a strong presence. But speaking about monetization, Vserv has a notable competitor in the form of AppWrapper that significantly simplifies the process for developers.

Moreover, other companies including Vserv, seem to be gaining pace. In fact, till date multiple companies have launched their own platforms, including smartphone makers. But, perhaps it is the relentless innovation that will decide the true leader. What do you think?