Mobikwik’s Hilarious TVCs Demonstrate How The App Is #MoreThanAWallet

Mobikwik's latest television campaign 'More than a wallet' raises awareness on how easy and safe is it to use the mobile wallet, making a good use of storytelling and humour

Mobile wallets could significantly replace cash transactions in an increasingly mobile-driven economy in the country. And mobile wallet companies, pumped with VC funding, are venturing out to acquire more users and telling them how safe and easy it is. Gurgaon-based Mobikwik, with over 17 million wallet users at present, has just launched a series of TVCs, following spots on radio and OOH.

Mobikwik raised a Series B round of close to $25 million in April this year. The company aims to grow its user base to over 10 crore in the next seven months. Industry leader is Paytm with over 60 million wallet users.

The TVCs are part of a multimedia brand campaign themed ‘More than a Wallet’ that will span three months across infotainment, entertainment, movie and lifestyle channels on television. The TVCs use humour to demonstrate how easy, fast, and safe it is to pay using the MobiKwik Wallet.

Conceptualised by Happy Creative Services, the TVCs use hilarious ways to catch the attention of television audiences. This one had me in splits!

In the TVC titled ‘Why steal a wallet’, a thief is seen running off after swiftly picking the pocket of a guy standing in a movie ticket queue. Instead of chasing him, the guy simply buys his ticket with his Mobikwik wallet and then proceeds to chase the thief. After a long chase, the guy feels thirsty and stops to buy a bottle of mineral water on the way, making his payment from Mobikwik wallet.

After some time, he feel hungry and takes a burger break. Again he pays from his mobile wallet. The thief is utterly confused and the chase restarts. Finally the guy catches up with the thief and informs him that there is nothing in the wallet, and leaves the wallet with the thief telling him, “Ab tum logo ka time khatam“!


In the TVC titled ‘Kwik Recharge, there is a young man posing nude for an art class. While he is standing at the center of the class, he receives a call from his grandmother asking him to recharge her mobile phone and the TV cable quickly. The nude man does it instantly through his Mobikwik wallet.


In the TVC titled ‘What a son’, this mother is quick at decoding her son’s insistence on buying her the red saree she had liked recently. When her son tells her that buying gifts for a mother needs no occasion, she tells him not to make her emotional just because he wants cashback. The voiceover explains the benefits of paying with the Mobikwik wallet.


In the TVC titled ‘A Wellwisher’, a guy at his workplace is shocked to receive a message from someone saying they had found his wallet in the train. He checks his pocket to ensure its really gone but is pleasantly surprised when the founder introduces herself as ‘Ritu’ and informs him of having transferred Rs 500 to his Mobikwik account. The two continue to message forming a new friendship, while the voice over talks about friendship being just one more benefit of Mobikwik money transfer.


The TVC videos have been shared on Mobikwik’s social media pages, that are currently running tagging contests.

Sure more than a wallet

Mobikwik’s television campaign is sure to raise awareness on mobile payments in a memorable way, one that will help the brand grow its user base quickly. ‘More than a wallet’ uses the right blend of storytelling and humour to makes its point. So, whether its to recharge, transfer money, pay bills or shopping, the ads depict Mobikwik as a quick, convenient and safer way to make payments.

Funding will also go into replacing cash payments through mobile by building an offline retail network of more than 100,000 merchants across India that will serve both as points for cash loading into the wallet and for wallet payments acceptance. Alongside user acquisition, the company could also look into user retention, in this highly competitive space.