‘Miss You Orkut’ A Final Goodbye Rock Style

Culture Machine pays tribute to the first social networking site of our generation- Orkut in this rock style satire song


This June end, Google dropped a bomb when it announced the shutting down of Orkut, which it referred to as its “first foray into social networking” a decade ago. The search giant decided to shut down Orkut as other communities have outpaced it, stated the official Orkut blog.

Officially to be shut down on September 30, 2014, users have until September 2016 to export their profile data, community posts and photos.

It is difficult to imagine that there was a time when Orkut seemed irreplaceable and it almost felt like no one was ever going to get enough of it. But then came Facebook out of the blue and the scraps were scrapped; no one ‘Like’d the Orkut communities anymore. Now the communities will be archived!

Starting September 30, 2014, Google will be preserving an archive of all public communities, which will be available online.

In a bid to give Orkut its perfect Goodbye, digital video entertainment company Culture Machine, has come up with a unique video on its Being Indian channel. Culture Machine has composed a special Rock inspired song titled, ‘Miss You Orkut’ which is a satirical take on the slow death this once upon a time ‘cool’ networking platform had.

Goodbye Orkut! You sure will be remembered with first memories of social networking.