How The Glitch’s Real Time Marketing For Mirinda Helped Reach Out To 10.9M & Reaffirm Its Pagalpanti

Case study by The Glitch for Mirinda in which the agency made storytellers out of fans, created a video of user stories in real time, all to bring alive the brand's core proposition of 'Pagalpanti'


The Brand

Mirinda has always stood for great bold taste that unleashes uninhibited fun. Taking the promise forward, Mirinda launched two new exciting flavors- Orange Mango and Orange Masala which appeal to the Indian palette. In 2008, the brand decided to up the ante and deliver a brand philosophy that would resonate strongly with consumers. Consequently, Mirinda adopted a bold and vibrant colour, great orangey taste and sparkling bubbles that encouraged one to be more carefree, spontaneous and playful and occasionally give in to an impulse of uninhibited fun. This was conveyed through the ‘Pagalpanti Bhi Zaroori Hai’ campaign with Asin in 2008.

The Agency

Founded in 2009 by VarunDuggirala and Rohit Raj “The Glitch” has delivered several innovative campaigns over the years. Managing close to 65+ accounts across industries and platforms including Lakme, Whisper, Puma, Hyatt, Pears, Cornetto, Set Wet, Lay’s, Kurkure, Mentos, Askme, Jack Daniel’s amongst others. Today, with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, The Glitch is a name to reckon with in the creative arena. We are a fast-evolving creative consultancy which has grown impressively in the digital media sphere.

Problem Statement

The CSD (Carbonated Soft Drinks) category is dominated by colas, however, clear drinks such as Sprite have found a strong footing lately taking market share from colas. Orange drinks have seen a decline in consumption since users tend to perceive them as drinks for kids due to their fruity flavor. The CSD category has also been on the decline lately with volumes dropping due to direct competition from juices and ethnic drinks. More and more users are choosing healthier options.

The category hadn’t seen major investment in terms of ad spends from either Fanta or Mirinda. Digital was and remains the perfect medium for these brands since it allows them to get reach while proving cost efficient.

Mirinda positions itself as a catalyst for madness and propagates madness as a key component for fun. The last TVC was released in 2012 and while it was well received, the business challenges hadn’t allowed them to reaffirm their core proposition. The campaign was aimed at rekindling the pagalpanti connect in a context that was relevant to the users.

Identified Objectives

The objective was to reaffirm the core Mirinda proposition to build brand equity and reaffirm the core thought of ‘Pagalpanti’. The campaign thought was ‘What if Mirinda crashed the Pepsi IPL?’ The idea was to piggyback on the popularity of the upcoming IPL finale and the hugely popular CrashthePepsiIPL campaign.


The campaign began with a tweet off between Pepsi and Mirinda. Mirinda poked fun at Pepsi about the CrashthePepsiIPL campaign lacking a certain element of craziness. Pepsi reverted asking Mirinda how they would do it different. Mirinda responded with its own film crashing the CrashthePepsiIPL.

The tweet offs between the two brands received massive PR coverage. This was the build up to the film launch. The film was launched on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and was aggressively promoted for a week coinciding with the Pepsi IPL final.

This was followed by a 3 day engagement activity on Twitter and Facebook wherein the users were invited to create a Mirinda style ‘pagalpanti’ story of their own. The users were given an opening frame for a story and they had to suggest their crazy twists to the story. Each hour one tweet was selected to carry the story further. The users brought in wacky characters and situations such as Mirinda Man, Sharks, Mars, etc.

Mirinda reacted in real time to the suggestions by users by actually changing its handle to an orange shark (that had become orange by eating the Mirinda Man!). The only way to displace the shark was for users to speak out via another hashtag. This trended nationwide too and eventually order was restored!

Each of the 14 tweets were created into graphic art. These 14 frames were created into a video and shared across all social handles. All of this was created within a day.


The campaign was met with overwhelming response on Twitter. Fans also brought back ‘Mirinda Man’, a character that is part of Mirinda’s legacy. The #MirindaMan trended on Twitter organically for more than 10 hours.

The statistics were no less overwhelming –

  • Conversations totaled more than 32,000
  • More than 200 million impressions driven as a result of the conversations
  • Reach of the campaign was more than 10.9 million
  • Nationwide trending for four different hashtags used during the campaign

The PR reach value of this activity was also immeasurable. Social media was set abuzz during the length of the campaign and this campaign also won an internal PepsiCo Marketing Lions award.


This campaign made us learn the power of real-time marketing and engagement. With a versatile brand like Mirinda, we wanted to show the Pagalpanti associated with this brand. We did so by shifting the course of the campaign mid-way looking at how people were responding, making them not just participants but ultimately the drivers of ‘Pagalpanti’. The key to this is to hit the nail right on target, and create a ripple effect across platforms and give rise to a campaign that was not only real-time, but spontaneous, creative and well-liked.