Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways Initiates Citizen Dialogue Via Social Media

Ministry Of Road Transport And Highways has created a social media presence and have a dialogue with the citizens on road safety Dr. C.P.Joshi is doing a Google Hangout on 27th March, 2013


A dialogue with the citizens of India is turning into a bigger agenda for the present government. The latest government department to join the bandwagon is the Ministry Of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). Dr. C.P. Joshi who is responsible for the ministry has initiated a well rounded presence on popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Along with this MoRTH has planned to conduct a Google Hangout on 29th March at 7:30 PM with Dr. C.P. Joshi on making India’s highways safer. The below video from the minister invites all of us to join the Hangout.

The YouTube presence of MoRTH has been active and interesting too. The brand channel with more than 193 subscribers has frequently posted informative videos about road safety. With a mere three week presence the channel has got more than 1M views. The brand page has created a new tab – VideoQuestions that allows you to post video questions for the hangout. However, I could not find any questions for the hangout while writing this story.

On Facebook the presence has been quite interactive too. With more than 3K fans the page is updating about the hangout, sharing the basics of road safety and also interacting with the queries being raised by the fans. Twitter page with more than 126 followers is doing its bit too by sharing the required information. With Dr. C.P. Joshi himself being present on Twitter, has made the move all the more interesting too.

Earlier we saw our Finance Minster P. Chidambaram conducting a Google Hangout to resolve the queries related to the 2013-14 Finance budget. The Planning Commission followed the same steps but it also created an overall social media presence just as the MoRTH. However, MoRTH does a handsome job with quite an active and engaging presence. And one of the reasons could be the adoption of the medium by Dr. C.P. Joshi himself.

I am optimistic about these moves by the Indian government and hope they have been rolled out with a longer vision. What do you think?