Ministry of Information And Broadcasting Launches Facebook Page For Community Radio

An article on the recent move by Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to launch Facebook page for Community Radio and why is it a positive move.

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) has recently launched a Facebook page “Community Radio India”. The page has been created to engage with 134 operating community radio stations of the country and other stakeholders, as shared by Pluggdin.

Community radio is a radio service offering a third model of radio broadcasting in addition to commercial and public broadcasting. The content of such radio is generally relevant to a local and specific audience. Commonly run by non-profit organizations, “Community Radio” provides groups or communities to express their own stories and in a way become the content creators and contributors of media. ((Source Wikipedia))

Around mid nineties, the campaign to legitimize radio began and in 1995 Supreme Court Of India ruled the decision in favor of making airwave a public property. Anna FM was India’s first campus “community” to be launched and from then, there were 38 operational community radio stations in the country by November 2008. By 1st February 2012, the nation had 126 community radio stations on air.

Community Radio Facebook page

The latest development by I&B ministry is a progressive move that is a much needed in today’s times. The page that has been recently launched has already gained fan strength of more than 300. In addition to this, the content that is being shared on the wall matches to it’s objective and certainly useful for common people and also to the operating community radio stations in India.

The page is also matching the enthusiasm of fans. Definitely it’s a welcome sign to see a government page responding to rational queries posted by fans. The below screen grab highlights one such example:

The page has used the timeline feature and has already shared some interesting milestones which would help fans to know more about the history of “Community Radio.” Much required and effective usage of the Facebook timeline. In addition to this, the page also has used Facebook notes and the Scribd app quite effectively. The page admins have created notes that talk about what is Community Radio, frequently asked questions, facts and figures about the Community Radio, etc. The Scribd app has been used to share important documents.

Why the move is a positive one?

As expressed earlier, the new move by I&B is indeed cool. Facebook can be well leveraged for its power of communities. The page will give an opportunity to spread awareness about the community radios in India that have been mostly overlooked until now. Creating awareness through Facebook is an effective way to reach out to the younger generation. The ongoing positive moves by the page is also a push to clear the myth that governments shy away from social media since it calls for a greater level of transparency. However, it is still early days for the Community Radio Facebook page. We would have to see how the community shapes up in the longer run; For now it is doing absolutely brilliant and stands as an example for other government pages striving to soar engagement.

Do you think that this is a welcome move from the I&B Ministry of India after seeing the kind of content being produced and the response provided by the page admins?