MINI India Facebook, Fails To Impress

MINI India Facebook campaign launched two weeks ago has gained 50,000 fans but the campaign fails to match the charisma of the brand

In three days the 11th Auto Expo, 2012 will be hosted in the country’s capital. And the news that lots of international brands are approaching the show and extensively using Facebook to create awareness among Indians comes as no surprise to me.  Among the coveted list of automakers, there is BMW which will launch the MINI on 5th January 2012. To bolster this launch, MINI India had started a Facebook campaign to create awareness among fans.


The MINI Fan Page

The fan page has already garnered more than 50,000 fans in a short span of two weeks and does not show any signs of bowing down in terms of engagement on its fan page.

Landing Page


Apart from contests such as “BE MINI. MAKE HISTORY ”, “BE MINI. BE CREATIVE”, etc. the fan page has some interesting tabs with information such as the MINI TV and MINI Worldwide. The MINI TV is a showcase of interesting videos of 2011 while MINI toured around the world. The MINI Worldwide is a counter of fans showcasing it’s presence across the globe. Apart from this, the community has also shown enthusiasm in engaging with the brand.

Fan Support


Launching a car and creating buzz on Facebook is no more a hot trend as in 2011 we have seen Maruti launching it’s new SWIFT model on Facebook and even Mahindra did the same for XUV500. But we expect much better campaigns this year and that too from a brand like BMW. Although the brand has built a large community base through this campaign, it has probably missed upon an opportunity to create a new benchmark.


Where does the campaign fall short?

1. MINI, which is just creating an awareness drive, should have thought of launching the car on Facebook. It would have been really exciting if it could have tied the offline and online launch. Moreover the website displays the countdown of the launch, why is it missing from the fan page?

2. The apps are okay at the moment but not great as compared to the class of MINI. It would have been exciting if the brand had given the fans a chance to feel the car virtually. Building an augmented reality app would have been really great.

3. The content that is being shared is all about contests. The team managing the fan page could have experimented more with the content. How about sharing sneak peaks about the launch?


I think the campaign lacks the charisma of the BMW brand as one would have expected more, especially after having seen the amazing social media launch campaigns in 2011. So does the campaign connect with you or what could have been the other ways in which it could have thought of increasing the engagement levels?