Milton’s First Brand Campaign #KuchNayaSochteHain Lacks New Thinking On Digital

Milton’s first brand campaign “Kuch Naya Sochte Hain” is made up of TVCs that center around an army man and his smart wife who uses Milton’s innovative products to cater to the tough conditions he lives in

Milton kuch naya sochte hain

A piping hot tiffin box for the office lunch, a special casserole that does not moisten your rotis or a pickle jar that separates the oil, innovations like these are at the heart of Milton’s first brand campaign “Kuch Naya Sochte Hain”. The houseware brand from Hamilton Housewares has launched its latest campaign with a series of ad films showcasing the innovative products.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai, the films center around an army man and his smart wife who uses Milton’s innovative products to cater to the tough conditions he lives in.

In one of the film, the army guy receives a tiffin box from home with a note that reads, ‘akele khana’. Despite the orders to eat it alone from his home minister (his wife), he signals his men to come over. The men come rushing from all directions to have a bite of the hot homemade ‘gajar ka halva’, which is a shocking experience to the viewer, as these guys are seen posted at a high altitude with snow all around them.

While the men are seen playfully fighting over the hot dessert in cold snow, the film showcases the new Milton Electron Tiffin that is just ‘Plug & Heat’.  The complete film is accompanied by the narrative voice of the army man, that ends with, “Kuch Naya Sochte Hain”.

The second ad film showcases the Thermosteel flask which helps keep tea hot. As the army guy is seen going about at a watchpost, his wife is heard talking about how her husband likes only two things in this world – tea and his duty. She says that is why she sent him this flask so he could have his hot tea while doing his duty.

The ad films do not have a strong digital push as yet. Both the tvcs uploaded on the Milton YouTube channel have managed to garner a little over 70K views combined. The TVCs are being shared by the social media properties of Milton along with the campaign hashtag #KuchNayaSochteHain. Pictures of the product and its pictures are also being served to followers.

Needs a stronger social push

Milton has a great range of intelligent houseware that could really help transform our lives for the better. The problem is we don’t know it yet, but thanks to this extensive campaign that will be led through television, Indian masses would be aware of the innovative, intuitive products by the brand. ‘Kuch naya sochte hai’ is a highly indicative tagline that tells the viewer these products have new thinking weaved inside them.

The only glitch here is the lack of new thinking in the marketing mix. Reaching out to the new age consumer would need a brand to go beyond television and into the crowded online space with innovative social media promotions. A plug & heat tiffin is something that would appeal to the new generation office goer who makes do with cold lunch every day. Hoping the brand comes up with a piping hot engagement led campaign on social media, that helps drive awareness for each of its innovative products in an innovative manner.