[Millward Brown Digital Report 2015] Intelligent Decisions And Not Big Data Is The Biggest Opportunity For Marketers In 2015

7 charts from Millward Brown Digital Report show the state of global digital market in 2015 while considering the brand,media and agencies


Any data without actionable insights is useless, marketers are realizing it. 2014 brought an influx of data to marketers, but without an instruction manual on how to use it to generate value. In 2015, only 14% marketers remain confident about their organization’s use of big data which was 39% in 2014. Today marketers have realized that any data is meaningless without the right context and application. Thus is the gradual move of transforming Big Data into Intelligent Decisions.

These insights are a part of the new research, Getting Digital Right Report 2015 by Millward Brown Digital, WPP’s market research division. Surveying more than 400 marketers¬†from American brands, agencies and media companies, Millward Brown found that 42 percent of respondents consider using big data “the biggest opportunity facing marketers in 2015.”

The report has some more interesting findings:

1. Transforming Big Data to intelligent decisions is the number one opportunity for marketers in 2015


2. Only 14% marketers are confident with Big Data usage at their work places


3. 38% brands and more than 60% brands, agencies felt confident about their understanding of digital best practices


4. 67% marketers are adopting behavioral research to understand audiences and their actions, as a key to staying competitive


5. 32% of media, agencies and 25% of brands are confident to have an optimized media mix to reach out to target audience


6. 67% brands and 60% agencies, media prefer creating integrated marketing strategies


7. 70% of marketers would increase their budget in Digital, Mobile, and Social channels if ROI measurement was improved