Microsoft ‘Tell Your Tale’ Certification Story On Facebook

by Vinaya Naidu on June 18, 2022


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To mark the first 20 years of Microsoft Certification this year, Microsoft had launched 20 Years|20 Ways - a year-long effort that is aimed at career growth of the community as well as creating opportunities for the next generation. Microsoft hopes to help IT pros, developers, and students around the world to have a better career and a better life. With 9 exciting ways having been shared already from the beginning of the year and the rest 11 ways in the pipeline this year, 20years20ways sounds like a promising one. Here we bring you the 2nd way ‘Tell your tale’ which is not only about sharing your Microsoft certification story but also an exciting contest with prizes to be won.

About Microsoft ‘Tell your tale’ Certification story

“How can Microsoft Certification change my career? Should I get certified? Which exams should I take?” Every day, these questions are being asked by aspiring IT professionals around the world. So if you have a Microsoft certification that has helped your growth, you could share it on this well-designed app at Microsoft Learning Facebook page and win one of 3 Microsoft Press eBooks or a Kindle. The app displays 3 questions in a text box - what Microsoft Certification has meant to you and your career, what certification plans do you have going forward, and what are the biggest opportunities for the next generation and how certification fits in.

When you click the box, you can enter your story with a maximum limit of 1000 characters. You can also add a link to your photo or video but that’s optional. Do read through the Terms & Conditions though. You can read stories submitted by others at the bottom of the app and the good thing is that you can also share the stories on Facebook or Twitter.

My thoughts:

I wouldn’t want to dissect this one. It’s a good move as part of the 20 years| 20 ways celebration. Microsoft is sure touching the right chords with sharing people’s stories and making it their platform. I like the fact that you can share your stories on Facebook and Twitter apart from having a well-designed app. A user need not log into another site, nor does she have to fill unnecessary details. Just enter her story within the app itself and click submit to participate. Simple, concise and well-contained.

I was hoping this one to be a ‘like’ campaign as it targets the right community - Microsoft certified professionals. But strangely it isn’t one! In this age and time, when brands are striving hard to gain a ‘like’, either by earning or paying for it, it is quite refreshing to see a brand steer clear from these strategies. This seems to be a well-thought of long term approach towards building its online community.

What do you think about this Microsoft 20 years | 20 ways ‘Tell your tale’ contest on Facebook? Is it a good way of community engagement?

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