Microsoft Surface Says #DoAnything In This Career Advice Video Starring 25 Online Influencers

Microsoft Surface teams up with UK's top 25 bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers for a fun career advice video, where each of these influencers don different professional roles

Tech companies and influencers make for a great marketing partnership in the digital age. While influencers can help tech companies reach out to their relevant target group with their interesting videos, tech companies don’t come across as advertising themselves. HP did it with its global #BendTheRules campaign, Dell with #AchieveWithDell and Lenovo with #Flexperience.

This time, Microsoft Surface is riding on the back of young influencers in a bid to inspire and challenge students, and make them believe that they can ‘do anything’. Students are often confused on what to pursue ahead once they complete secondary education: college, university or take up a job, life is tough at this phase.

The company in a blog, states that, one in five 13-17 year olds in the UK have no idea what they want to do when they leave school, and 22% of these school leavers who would have liked to continue their education fail to do so because of the lack of awareness around future career choices. And with A level results out, Microsoft is just in time to build awareness and demonstrate the various kinds of jobs they can opt for.

For the new campaign titled #DoAnything, Microsoft has partnered with the top 25 bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers of UK including Jim Chapman, Doug Armstrong, Raphael Gomes, Roman Kemp and Emily Hartridge. A 3-minute video forms the core of the campaign, where all these guys also feature in various jobs to showcase to viewers the wide array of jobs they can get into.

The video begins with a Skype call coming in on a Surface device. Finding nobody around to take the call, a young student gets on the call only to be surprised to see the caller is Doug Armstrong – the YouTube star – and he knows her name. Telling her to not panic, he asks her what her future plans are. She says she doesn’t know it yet.

A moment later he is standing right beside the startled student. What follows then is a journey into interesting career options she can choose from. The duo keep bumping into a journalist, a chef, a lawyer, an analyst, a makeup artist, a game developer and many more.

All these characters are played the influencers. A viewer can click on the underlined jobs in the video to see exclusive behind the scenes content from the influencers. All influencers have been listed in the video description with links beside each, that lead to their tweets, blog posts, Instagram posts, etc.


While the company began building the buzz on social media initially, the influencers are helping spread the word further on social. They’ve been asking their fans to spot them in the video and watch it for career advice.

Microsoft Surface is going in for the millennials. A timely teaming up with a bunch of young influencers from various social media platforms has Microsoft Surface covered. The company makes an interesting demonstration of career options through them while reaching out to their young follower base, and making Surface as top of their minds.