#MakeItHappen - Microsoft Ropes In Real Life Achievers To Inspire Peoples’ Dreams

Microsoft Lumia's #MakeItHappen campaign has rolled out a set of 3 films where achievers are able to convince the non-believers through a Skype call on their Lumia phone


Last December, Microsoft Devices rolled out a global marketing campaign called #MakeItHappen to build awareness for its Lumia branded smartphones with Microsoft Phone 8.1. It started a month-long campaign to give 31 people a chance to achieve their 2015 resolutions early. Every day during December, it picked one person to make his or her dream come true.

#MakeItHappen showcased inspiring stories of people who used a Lumia to ‘make it happen’ for them. Here in India, the brand tweaked the campaign to showcase how ordinary people can achieve their dreams, by roping in real life achievers like actress Kangana Ranaut, badminton champ Saina Nehwal and MasterChef India winner, Pankaj Bhadouria to spread the message.

The #MakeItHappen campaign comprises of three films conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson where the celebrity protagonist is able to convince the non-believers all through a Skype call on their Lumia phone.

In the 5-minute film titled ‘Sapney’, a school girl is seen dabbling in a lot of crafts and making fashionable things out of her creativity. Her classmates are impressed and love what she makes for them, but not her parents. She wants to be a fashion designer, but they want her to just pursue her studies, get an MBA, a secure job and keep fashion as a hobby.

A teacher at her school arranges a Skype call with Kangana Ranaut and they have an animated discussion on why they are opposing their daughter’s career decision. Kangana shares her own story of family opposition at being an actress and how she had to revolt to finally make it happen in the film industry. The parents are convinced at the end.


In the 2-minute film titled ‘Umeedein’, we are taken through the frustrations of a sports teacher at a girls school, where the courts and sports facilities lie defunct, and all he does is make them do ‘physical training’ exercises. He sees no intent in the school administration to encourage sports, the principal also argues that academics will help the students’ careers and not sports.

Soon a Skype call is arranged by this teacher where Saina Nehwal asks to speak to the principal. Saina manages to convince him with her own story. She tells him that despite no guarantee of success in either sports or any academic field, students should be encouraged to follow what they like. The film ends with scenes showing a dramatic change in the sports facilities in the school.


In the 4-minute film titled ‘Aashayein’, Masterchef Pankaj Bhadouria gets into a Skype call to encourage a bunch of student chefs that they can ‘make it happen’. The story is told by a chef-turned-teacher who wants all her students to take their love for the art of cooking to the next level and not just learn for the sake of it. She arranges their final test at a real restaurant where they had to prepare the menu and also the Skype call with masterchef. Pankaj is seen guiding them and reassuring them all throughout the test, which they pass with flying colors.


The films however claim that they ‘are not based on real events, but real hopes.’

Making it happen

The films are cool and to the point with the right faces to promote; Saina for ‘sports for girls’, Kangana for ‘offbeat careers for girls’ and Pankaj for ‘female chefs’. However, there’s an underlying ‘women empowerment’ theme beside the main theme of #MakeItHappen’. I hope there are more stories portraying similar issues being faced by the boys in our country - boys being called sissy for wanting to be a chef, boys being forced or blackmailed into engineering/MBA/medicine, boys not being encouraged into sports other than cricket, and more.

Moreover, the Lumia phone with the Skype tool, only act as facilitators of communication in the ad films. #MakeItHappen can really make it happen if it brings forth real life stories where people are achieving their dreams via their Lumia phones, like the global one. Perhaps, that is on the cards soon.