Microsoft India Urges Us To Be #25Everyday In Its Celebratory Film Marking 25 Years In The Country

Marking 25 years of its existence in India, Microsoft India & Havas Worldwide has rolled out a video urging all of us to be 25 everyday, calling 25 a mindset, an attitude

Microsoft India 25everyday

Youth is a beautiful time in life. All the ideas you weaved in childhood can now be given wings to. You need not bother about failure, nor live by apprehensions set by others. You absolutely believe you can bring about a change in society and a sense of sanity to your own life purpose.

Yet, somewhere down the line, the optimism dies off, and you resign to the hopelessness around. Mid age sets in and you’ve forgotten all about your ambitious goals in life.

Our belief systems are often not strong enough to carry on with the everyday luggage of life. We begin to ‘think older’ than what we really are. This is why Microsoft India’s latest digital film is all the more relevant. The tech giant has completed 25 years of its existence in India, and is urging all of us to be ‘25 everyday’ in its celebratory film created by Havas Worldwide India.

Microsoft is reminding us that 25 is a mindset, an attitude, a choice, a time when optimism and ability to fulfill our dreams go hand in hand. The film makes us want to be 25 again because when we live like we are 25, we can do anything. So whether we are 6 or 71, the idea is to always feel empowered to do great things, and make others feel empowered too, using technology and innovation.

The film takes a viewer through the journey of three different people: a student, a young girl who’s had a breakup and a middle aged woman wanting to do something new. The boy is using Microsoft to learn and enhance his skills. The girl cuts her hair short and gives in to her creative side. Her designs get printed on tees. The lady finds an opportunity to teach rural kids.

All of them are seen making ample use of Microsoft technologies and other gadgets. When the teacher can’t make it to school, she teaches them via Skype!

There’s a background narration about being 25 and being able to do anything.


The concept is well aligned at a global level too. This August, Microsoft Surface had rolled out a student-oriented campaign called #DoAnything where the tech giant partnered with the top 25 bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers of UK. A 3-minute video formed the core of the campaign, where all these young influencers also feature in various jobs like a journalist, a chef, a lawyer, an analyst, a makeup artist, a game developer and so on. The idea was to inspire and showcase to students the wide array of jobs they can get into.

Microsoft India has shared the film on its social media pages, while engaging fans around the hashtag #25Everyday.

Youthful. Inspiring. Aligned

What better way to announce a company’s quarter century of existence in the country than emphasizing on a positive mindset. #25Everyday carries a great thought behind it and makes one wonder about their pending to-dos in life. You really think you can ‘do anything’ when you are 25.

“We’re 25 today, and we believe being 25 is a mindset, an attitude. Every person at Microsoft holds this belief and we see this reflected all around us as well – young people achieving incredible milestones, older people not giving up on their dreams. This film celebrates that attitude,” shared Jyotsna Makkar, CMO Lead, Microsoft India.

The brand can bring in real life stories to feature people who are #25Everyday. Microsoft Lumia had roped in real life achievers like actress Kangana Ranaut, badminton champ Saina Nehwal and MasterChef India winner, Pankaj Bhadouria for its #MakeItHappen campaign. The celebrity protagonists are seen convincing parents and non-believers to let their children follow their dreams, via a Skype call.