Microsoft Wishes Consumers A Happy #DiwaliUpgrade With ‘Khushi Ki Khidkiyaan’

Microsoft is looking to get all Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10 through #DiwaliUpgrade, an informative campaign that also showcases all Windows 10 devices


It’s that time of the year when gifting and sharing joy becomes an integral part of all Indians. It’s the festival of Diwali and everyone is busy in making preparations for the big days ahead. For brands this is the right time to make the most of its advertising and marketing efforts, powered by the right kind of communication.

For Microsoft India, Diwali posed the best occasion to get its Windows 7 and Windows 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10. The tech giant is calling it a #DiwaliUpgrade. It has also rolled out a long format digital film to demonstrate how a simple upgrade in your own life has the power to touch others’ lives.

The 3.36 minute film takes you on a journey where connected lives are being transformed one after the other, powered by Windows 10 devices. A festive mood is created by a lively background song around opening ‘Khushi Ki Khidkiyaan’ (Windows of Happiness). People are seen upgrading their devices, while triggering a chain reaction of happiness in other peoples’ lives.

The film showcases many Windows 10 devices like PC on a Stick, Tablets, Two-in-ones, and Laptops.

Upgrading your laptop or PC to Windows 10 is free, easy and compatible with the hardware and software you already use. All you have to do is reserve your upgrade. The video links to the ‘Diwali Upgrade’ website that lists the steps to reserve your upgrade. This free Windows 10 upgrade is available only for PCs and tablets for now, the free Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will be available for most phones starting later this year.

The tech giant has also added a contest for those who do not have a Windows 10 device. Apart from upgrading your existing Windows device or buying a new Windows device, the #DiwaliUpgrade campaign also offers the chance to win a new Windows 10 device. All one needs to do is share their #DiwaliUpgrade story at the campaign website.

The brand is also making use of its social media pages to spread the word.

Timely. Informative. Good storytelling.

Microsoft India is really keen on getting people to upgrade to Windows 10. Associating a system upgrade to upgrading peoples’ lives for the better this Diwali is a good plug to employ during the festive time in the country. The long format film has weaved an interesting story around ‘Windows of happiness’, with a timely call-to-action that drives viewers to upgrade their devices.

Incentivizing the contest will further boost participation and build buzz for #DiwaliUpgrade. I, however, am yet to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10. Who needs an upgrade when life is good enough with Windows 7!

Incidentally, Dell India had launched a similar campaign this September called ‘#ShareTheJoy‘ in time with the advent of the festive season in the country. The minute-long film was themed around “Baantne se hi khushiyaan badhti hain“; it demonstrated how happiness is spread by giving, by random acts of sharing happiness with others and making joy go viral in real life. Dell, of course, played a major role in enabling people to share their joy with others.