For Unite 2, Micromax Crowdsources #DeshkiDictionary, India’s First Ethnic Jargon Dictionary

For the promotions of Micromax Unite 2, the brand has launched the #DeshkiDictionary contest, where one can define or nominate ethnic slangs to create India's first ethnic language dictionary

micromax unite 2 deshkidictionary

The country’s own mobile phone makers, Micromax Mobile has become very popular for its large range of mid segment phones. The Gurgaon based company launched its latest smartphone ‘Unite 2’ last month with a feature specifically designed for a country like ours. The Micromax Unite 2 supports 21 Indian languages, allowing the user to express himself in his own language.

The 4.7 inch phone priced at Rs. 6999 has been promoted with a heartwarming TVC and an equally matching social media campaign where users have been invited to create India’s first ethnic jargon dictionary. The TVC celebrates the freedom of expressing in your mother tongue:

In line with its USP of 21 languages, the handset makers have launched the #DeshkiDictionary contest, a 20-day contest where one can define or nominate their own slang word to create a local slang dictionary. The best entries stand a chance to win the Micromax Unite 2!

#DeshkiDictionary is being executed through a microsite and takes help from Twitter. You need to check the ‘Word of the Day’ at the microsite and then tweet your definition for the word of the day to the official Micromax Mobile Twitter handle with the hashtag #DeshKiDictionary and #MySlang. You can also nominate your own word in the same way on Twitter.

At the microsite, there are preset tweets to the Micromax Twitter handle with the required hashtags. All you have to do is select nominate or define. The word of the day is ‘Bindass’. The site displays a gallery of the top definitions of each of the words ranging from ‘jugaad’, ‘syaapa’, ‘kem cho’, ‘mandawali’, ‘pandu’ among other interesting ones.

The contest is being promoted on the brand’s Facebook as well as Twitter pages, accompanied by graphic images for each of the words.

Uniting Indians through language

#DeshkiDictionary gels well with the USP of Unite 2. I must admit I learnt quite a few new slang words originating from languages not known to me. I could really do with an Indian slang language dictionary. For a phone that celebrates the freedom of expression in your mother tongue, the idea of nominating and defining slang words to create an ethnic dictionary is a perfect social media promotion.

It gets people to talk about the phone’s USP without being explicit, and while having fun. The use of a microsite and Twitter has ensured that slangs are stored at a common place, while all the buzz is active on Twitter.

However, the #DeshkiDictionary contest could boost participation had it added some more platforms other than Twitter to define and nominate your ethnic slang words. A recent TCS survey has found that Indian youth find Twitter too complex to use. So, perhaps having an SMS option for the non data mobile phone users and including messaging apps like WhatsApp could help Micromax in attracting the real target group for the Unite 2.