Micromax 3.0 Tries Too Hard To Pack A Punch With Its ‘Nuts, Guts, Glory’

Micromax has unveiled its grand new 3.0 version themed around "Nuts, Guts, Glory", a stylized logo and a rather unconventional anthem glorifying unneeded rebellion


Micromax has unveiled its grand new avatar: the old ‘hand punch’ has been stylized and ‘Nothing like anything’ makes way for a bolder, snazzier theme – ‘Nuts, Guts, Glory’, to reflect the home-bred mobile handset maker’s journey into global markets and a larger product portfolio including hardware and software. The company is taking pride in proclaiming that it’s nuts to dream big, only because it has the guts to follow it and prepare itself for glory.

An anthem captures the journey of the Indian brand told through the voices of numerous hyper excited foreigners. The 90-second spot begins with asking viewers to ‘better pay attention’ as they are paying a lot of money for this.

And, thus begins a rebellious movement to prove something to the world, as the protagonists steer on, jumping over cars,  jumping from the top of a traffic signal, smashing a wall to get inside a restaurant, chewing on gum while speaking, you get the drift. They begin one by one with an outrageous comparison that is sure to make you watch the rest of it: “We’re not based in California and we don’t have a fruit for a logo.’

Another one: “We know who we are: One of the top 10 handset brands in the world”. And, while you wonder whether Micromax has really gone nuts, you are treated to some more gem facts about the company like how it has brought a phone to every town, has a phone that lasts for a month on a single charge as well as a phone that’s bigger than your face, and a phone that’s smaller that your pinky finger.

Towards the end, the young rebels with flaming torches in their hands, all join at a place, where a huge container with the new Micromax logo was dropped from a high rise building, because “We’re nuts, and we’ve got guts ” Everyone is overjoyed, a few even begin to cry, while one of them jumps to the top and announces to all: Prepare for glory, with his hand resembling the Micromax logo.

Micromax has indeed maintained an impressive growth momentum, currently it is the second-largest phone manufacturer in the country, and also became the third largest in Russia, only a year after its debut. It has a presence in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, and is looking to capture new markets to become one of the top 5 players globally by 2020. Of course, it wants to be the top phone maker in India, and has already unveiled an army of phones, tablets and televisions at a recent launch.

It’s been calling this new journey of growth as Micromax 3.0, with the first version highlighting the Indian handset maker as a worthy challenger in the mobile arena, and the second version as the winning brand in the country, and now as a global company that provides a mix of everything. Sharing about its next phase of growth, CMO Shubhajit Sen had informed Lighthouse Insights that the company aims to drive innovations through software and services that would add a layer to the device eco-system.

“We will be aiming to develop products & services which not only enhance & upgrade the life of the consumers but also empower them with the latest technological innovations, making it an extension of their lifestyle.”

The brand had ended its 5-year association with its creative agency Lowe Lintas last year, to partner with Creativeland Asia after a multi agency pitch. Sen had made an indication about the ‘cool, quirky and unconventional campaigns’ in the pipeline. The latest anthem has been conceptualized by Creativeland Asia and produced by Offroad Films.

Trying too hard?

The Nuts, Guts, Glory anthem is sure unconventional, but I can’t really look at it as a cool, quirky one. For one, it need not try so hard. Micromax has a place in this world and so has Apple, the comparison could have been totally avoided for starters. Moreover, the rebellious attitude is uncalled for, just too over-the-top and makes Micromax look like a teenager who’s just had his first dope. Perhaps, that’s the idea, after all Micromax has the nuts, guts and glory to go with it.

Incidentally, the Micromax anthem is eerily similar to a 2014 ad campaign by Creativeland Asia for the launch of Parle’s Cafe Cuba, India’s first coffee-flavoured fizz drink. Here, it’s about the new coffee revolution that’s taking over the world by storm and the rebels indeed have a cause. They are secretly creating something unique for a world that only knows Cola. The rebels are hell bent on changing the neon sign on a Cola building to that of ‘Tasted Cuba yet?’ even at the risk of being arrested. The storyline is impressive, believable and smoothly weaved around the Cafe Cuba rebellion.

For the record, I’m a satisfied Micromax consumer using an A114 Canvas model since the last 2 years and 4 months, I’m delighted to own an Indian brand and feel pride every time I hold it.