#BeMonsoonSmart - How 21n78e Creative Labs used video to get people to pay attention to their inner health for Metropolis Healthcare

Case study by 21n78e Creative Labs for Metropolis Healthcare where it engaged people on the importance of inner health, submitted under the category: ‘Best Use Of Video – B2C’ for LI Content Marketing Awards 2017

The Client

Metropolis Healthcare is leading pathology specialist in India with over 3 decades of delivering the most accurate reports to help people get a true picture of their inner health. Metropolis Labs deliver over 30 million tests each year, caters to over 2,00,000 doctors, 20,000+ medical labs, hospitals and nursing homes. Metropolis Laboratories can be found in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Kenya and Ghana.

The Metropolis motto is: “Integrity is in our veins. Empathy is in our blood. Accuracy is in our DNA. We are Metropolis. The Pathology Specialist.”

The Agency

21N78E Creative Labs is a full service communications & marketing solutions agency that leads with digital. Led by strategic consulting and aimed at engaging consumers through niche content & variable distribution models. From powerful insights, creativity that connects to technological inclusion, 21n78e looks at bridging that ever increasing gap between consumers and brands.

Problem Statement

Metropolis Labs is a well-known and highly trusted and relied upon brand in the B2B segment, but not enough end customers are aware of Metropolis Labs and its USPs.

Identified Objective

Taking the problem statement forward, as Metropolis is well renowned amongst doctors and hospitals, we wanted to move things a step further and start engaging with end consumers directly. The idea was to spread awareness about Metropolis being a pathology lab that is here to look out for your health.

In order to achieve that we conducted a vox-pop styled interview with Mumbaikars across the city – drawing more eye balls towards the brand.

Thus, the key objective of the campaign was to generate awareness through engagement.

The Strategy & Execution

The Strategy

Being a low involvement category, most people don’t think about pathology, their cholesterol levels or other inner health indicators unless recommended to do so by a doctor. Even health conscious people are rarely focused on their inner health, but rather more focused on external parameters. The focus shifts to worrying about their inner health only when they see symptoms that indicate the onset of a health related problem.

For this reason we picked a very popular season that is not only rejoiced but also comes with a number of complications to spread the message of paying equal importance to your health internally as well as externally, the monsoons.

Mumbai over the many years has built an unbreakable relationship with the monsoons. Year on year, it is not only the most looked forward to part of the year but also leaves a mark on the residents of the city.  While the monsoon season is known for tea, bhajias and getting cosy indoors while it rains on the outside, it is also unfortunately known to bring a sharp increase of dengue, malaria and a host of other viral illnesses. And while Mumbaikars are extremely enterprising when it comes to dealing with the external problems that flooding and heavy rains bring, sometimes they forget about the more important things.

Moving away from the traditional brand communication that seems to be the norm in this category, we used intrigue, emotion and the quintessential Indian drive to be a ‘jugaadu’ to drive home the importance of inner health.

The Execution:



When the season had just kicked off, Metropolis walked around gloomy Mumbai and asked people about their monsoon hacks and tips that keep them safe during the rains and recorded their responses. The one on one interview questions received a range of interesting replies from young adults to elderly people, all of whom encompass the Metropolis TG.

However, all of them seemed to have missed out on a key aspect about the rainy season – their health or as we like to put it, their ‘Inner Health’.

It wasn’t surprising that almost none of our interviewees had paid any attention to this aspect of their lives because only when symptoms show themselves do people worry about their health.

Rains come with a number of health problems and diseases and while it’s not only important to protect yourself from the outside, it’s extremely crucial to look after yourself from the inside and this was the message we wanted to drive with our #BeMonsoonSmart campaign.

We took this opportunity while shooting the campaign video not only to ask people about their hacks but to remind them that while you are wise in protecting your shoes and clothes and have tips and tricks to dry objects in an instant, your inner health needs much more care and attention because only when you are healthy on the inside will you be happy on the outside.

Social Media:

Extending this campaign to social media, we engaged users online in telling us their monsoon hacks. We ran a contest where we asked people to spell out what great or simple tricks they used to stay healthy during the monsoons. A simple format where they had to spell out 4 tricks using A for … - B for … C for … & D for …– we called the ‘ABCDs’ of being monsoon smart!


The Be Monsoon Smart video really got people’s attention to their inner health over the last 15 days. Almost half a million people were reached through the campaign. As a brand committed to generating awareness about people’s inner health in a country where 10 people die every minute from medical conditions, we feel even a single life saved is a win.

Campaign Success:

  • Combined views: 2,00,000+
  • Reach: 5,00,000+
  • Spike in page engagement on Facebook and channel views on YouTube


  • Just because it’s a serious category that talks about health – a very serious topic, doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate humour. In fact our real-world interviews were well received with our conversations going beyond just the mere vox-pop.
  • The Mumbaikar spirit is truly indominable – come hell or high water, the show must go on and Mumbaikars have found some very interesting monsoon hacks that we were surprised and happy to re-share.