Meri Maggi Celebrates One Million Fans With ‘My Own Maggi Pack’

About the Meri MAggi celebrations for reaching one million fans on Facebook

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When a heritage brand like Maggi reaches the 1 million mark on Facebook, it calls for grand celebrations. And what better way to celebrate than to invite your fans to be on the Maggi pack or maybe on a picture of the Maggi pack.

Its become customary to celebrate the one million Facebook fans milestone. While some brands celebrate with contests, a few others appreciate their fans. The Facebook community of Meri Maggi has crossed the one million mark and for a brand that has transformed from being a 2-minute hunger quencher to a 2-minute creator of happiness, this is happy news. This most beloved noodle brand in Indian homes has created an app on its Facebook page ‘My own Maggi pack’ where fans can upload their photo and put in a message, and the app will create an image of the Maggi pack with it.

About ‘My own Maggi pack’

A fan can begin by accessing the ‘My own Maggi pack’ Facebook app and click on ‘Get started’. There is no need for you to ‘like’ the page to access the app and make your own Maggi pack.


Once you click ‘get started’, a beautiful cloud welcomes you with options to upload. You can upload an image from your computer or from Facebook. The app pulls up your name and email details from Facebook. Click on submit after you share a story relating to what Maggi did for you in 2 minutes.

After you click on submit, there are tools to adjust the photo on the pack like move, scale and rotate. Click ‘save’ when you are done. The smart app will create your own Maggi pack, which is then stored in your album. There is an option to ‘Share’ by which you can share this on your wall. You can also invite friends through ‘Invite’. In addition, there is an option to create another image in case you want to create a new pack.

How cool is it?

When I heard about ‘My own Maggi pack’, I thought the brand is giving you more ways to feature on a Maggi pack, but that’s not the case. For that, there is the ‘Share your Maggi moments‘ contest on Facebook which is on till the end of this month. Fans are invited to share stories of how Maggi helped them create 2 minutes of happiness in their lives. With ‘My own Maggi pack’, fans can only create an image of a Maggi pack featuring them, which is a good idea for a beloved brand.

While the app is adorable - bright colours, animated design, smooth navigation and intuitive flow, a few additional features could have made it better. Currently, the created image is saved onto the album which is good. But, if the app had created a cover page image of the same, which the fan can then show off on her Facebook cover, it would be exciting. Nevertheless, the app does make use of the Facebook Share and Invite features.

So have you created your own Maggi pack? What do you think about Meri Maggi’s one million celebration on Facebook?