#Ementicons: Now Mentos Brings Its Branded Emoticons To India

Mentos India has introduced its set of branded emoticons called 'Ementicons' that would help the mint brand to be a part of our daily mobile phone conversations

Mentos Ementicons

Emojis, emoticons are the new visual lingo shortening most communication on smartphones. And the rise of smartphones in the country means more users are using emoticons to express their happiness, sorrow, confusion, anger, surprise and what have you. Brands also want to be a part of this conversation by bringing in their own branded emoticons.

This March, Mentos, the mouth-freshening mint from Perfetti Van Melle, rolled out a set of branded emoticons called ‘Ementicons’. The set comprised ten ementicons expressing a number of emotions like #BadHappy, #Awkward, #CuteCrazed, #SelfieObsessed, #Winning, #Bromantic, #FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and more.

Created by BBH London, each of the ementicons were accompanied by situational videos to help explain the usage. Going by the brand’s fresh take on all things, the ementicons too, enabled a fresh perspective with emotive icons.

This short video depicts feeling #awkward like nothing else can:


And, here’s when one can go completely #CuteCrazed:


Its fun to be happy in a mean way, here’s introducing #BadHappy:


With Indians getting high on selfies, a #SelfieObsessed ementicon is a must:


Since the last month, Mentos India has been introducing its crazy set of ementicons one by one, calling them a #DimagKiBatti way of expressing yourself. So far, it has introduced six of them – Bad Happy, Selfie Obsessed, #FOMO, Winning, Cute Crazed and Awkward through its social media channels. People were invited to tag their friends over for each of the ementicons and also to describe situations where they would use them. And what’s interesting is that Mentos India is asking its fans to help create the seventh one!

Ementicons are finally here!

Social networks have all embraced emojis. Even Twitter’s web app began supporting emojis since last year. Nothing helps one to express better than the keys on the emoji keyboard of your smartphone. Branded emoticons were just a step in the direction of getting closer to fans, the idea being ’emoticons’ did not look like advertising even though they were branded. And the list of brands with branded emoticons is only growing.

In mid-February Ikea and Coca-Cola both launched branded emoticons. Ikea launched 100 emoticons, including its Swedish meatballs. Coca-Cola in Puerto Rico created 30 emoticons that the brand dubbed “emoticoke.” For the premiere of Broad City’s second season in January, Comedy Central partnered with the platform Snaps to create a Broad City-themed emoticon keyboard. For a science event in late 2014, General Electric developed the Emoji Periodic Table of Experiments for Snapchat users. In December, AT&T made an interactive holiday site where users could create personalized emoticons to sing carols.

We’d soon be expecting ‘desi’ versions for our very own brands. Perhaps a Cafe Coffee Day emoticon that could be a hit with the brand’s loyal consumers.