Find The Killer And Win Big With Mentos Batti Jalao

Mentos India throws up a challenging riddle through Batti Jalao contest, where users can win 25 lakh rupees for finding the killer. The campaign has created a wonderful Facebook app for this.

Mentos is known for its slapstick, humorous commercials in the Indian advertising industry. The brand with its ads gives the message to think different (i.e. the Mentos way). It has come up with a new integrated campaign which is true to its tagline – ‘Dimaag ki Batti Jala de‘. The campaign debuted with a TV commercial having a catchy line to start with and had me hooked on to watch it whole. The ad starts with a call to action phrase of ‘ The next 40 seconds will give you a chance to win 25 lakhs‘. Sure enough reason for a television consumer to get hooked to your ad for the first time. Though what is interesting is that the brand is integrating the campaign on social media too.

The new TVC which is aimed at 40 seconds of random clues asks the users ‘khooni kaun hain? or ”who is the killer?’ and after a little scratching of the head and some guess work, the users might be entitled to win 25 lakhs as a grand prize. The same initiative is now being heavily promoted on their Facebook page. Facebook application is one of the ways to participate in the contest with SMS, call, entry through their website/WAP site Nimbuzz being the other sources to participate.

Any user can submit unlimited entries to the contest although only their last entry will be considered as their final choice. This move seems to be a good way to bolster engagement by the fans across multiple channels. The answer decided already is sealed in an envelope and would be revealed after the contest ends on 24th March,2013, with one winner being selected from the host of correct answers through a lucky draw.

Batti Jalao on Facebook

The brand has specifically created an app with the same purpose named ‘Batti Jalao Contest‘ which is fan-gated and a proven way of getting in more fans from the TVC. The app welcomes you with the TVC YouTube link again, which you can watch over and over again in order to get some ideas out. The application is clearly pulled out from their website which has a similar structure and content in place. The Facebook application has clearly defined T&C’s at the right hand corner.

And, if you are still trying to figure out the final result, the ‘Clue games’ can help you take steps to the final answer with a clue being revealed every time you play a game. The brand has made sure the user spends time figuring out the secret by staying on the application itself leveraging the ‘Clue gamification’ scenario.

The games include 4 different sections with 4 different clues in place. The games are not always to be completed and are not that difficult nor too easy to win. However, the clues are random in nature and do not necessarily appear only when you are supposed to go to the next level. This might have been done to decrease the bounce rate of the users who are not that game savvy and would lead to leaving the game in frustration of not completing it. But, it would have made it more challenging to gather the clues nonetheless.

Mentos Batti Jalao

You can also view the character profiles in question with a brief description about themselves. The descriptions in the profile can help you decipher about the killer with the help of clues you might have earned after playing the clue games. And you can also download the videos to watch it on the go on your PC and mobile to consume it multiple times, helping you out with the puzzle.

Mentos is also heavily posting about the application on their Facebook page and urging the fans to participate. The application although fails at implementing the social sharing feature which could have been implemented at every level the user unlocks a new clue to share it to their timeline. This could have encouraged more participation and let the brand target more friends of fans for better penetration on Facebook.

The fan-gating of the application in the campaign seems to be working for Mentos with their Fan growth rate highest in the last week when compared over the period of last 3 months and the page has a great engagement rate as well sharing humour related and whacky pictures which resonate well with the brand overall.

Mentos New Likes
Fans Growth (1st Jan 2013- 7th March 2013)

Leveraging YouTube

Mentos has recently joined YouTube and all the videos uploaded on their channel are relevant to the campaign as of now. You can view the ad in different regional languages (which you can browse through the Facebook application as well) as well as some teasers regarding the brand asking users about who they think the killer is (seems staged though!). With these efforts, Mentos has accumulated around 91 subscribers which is not a bad result after all in just 2 weeks post the launch of the campaign and more than 50K video views.

Could it have been better?

The campaign could have been implemented on Twitter along side Facebook and Twitter. As far as their Twitter handle goes, the content is pretty much duplicated from what’s around on Facebook. Twitter known for its witty users and one liners could have been leveraged by Mentos as one of the optimal medium for the campaign. The social share option could also have been leveraged on the Facebook application for a greater viral reach and better participation.

The application though is still in its nascent stages with an end date of 24th March. Mentos has certainly lived up to its brand persona with this interesting and promising campaign. Nothing compels the human brain more than to solve a trivia or a mystery!

Has this campaign tickled your CID brains yet? And who do you think the killer is? Do let us know the killer and what you think about Batti Jalao.