New Mentos Brings Angry Chickens On Twitter For The #FarakPadega Campaign

For the promotions of the new Mentos, the brand has launched #FarakPadega campaign that has angry chickens with personified Twitter profiles talking to fans


Perfetti Van Melle has rolled out a new Mentos which it says is bigger, softer and better than the earlier one. The campaign launched for the new Mentos promotions are also quirkier, funnier and better. The brand has got a talking chicken family to tell you about the new Mentos.

The ad film conceptualised by Ogilvy & Mather features this talking rooster, who like all dads is angry with his son for having done badly in his exams. He attributes his poor performance at the exams to the little guy always thinking about ‘chicks’ (pun intended).

While the dad chicken and son chicken are having this family talk, in comes a human hand offering them the new Mentos while the voiceover says its bigger, softer and better. Highly unimpressed, the angry chicken dad snaps him to shut up and proceeds to scold his son.

The film ends with the voiceover saying, “Inko farak nahi padega, lekin aapko… farak padega‘.


There’s another ad film that has the dad chicken singing away to glory, until interrupted by this new Mentos proposition. The infuriated rooster gives him the choicest expletives while the voiceover proceeds with the similar copy.


The 360 degree campaign is making use of multiple platforms to spread the message in quirky ways. On the digital front, the chewing gum brand known for its quirky take in its ad campaigns, is getting these chickens to talk to fans on social media. People have been invited to impress these chickens about the new Mentos, while building buzz around the campaign hashtag #FarakPadega.

Each of these chickens have been given a name  and a Twitter handle. There was also a Facebook page for them, but it shows no results now. The chickens are tweeting away from their personal handles, as per their personality type. A #FarakPadega contest is inviting Twitter users to deliver the Mentos message to the chickens  in the most creative way, for a chance to win Flipkart vouchers. One needs to follow their Twitter handles to be eligible for the contest.

So while the chickens, named cheekily as “Murghi Rixit, RA Murgadoss, Anil Cucknoor, Hena Nailini” are having their conversations, participants need to interrupt them and impress them with creative messages. The very difficult to please chickens will only respond to the best messages. Top 5 from these messages will go on to win Flipkart vouchers worth Rs 2000.

Social buzz se ‘Farak Padega’

The quirkily designed campaign is trying to reap the most out of this simple and fun fan engagement on Twitter. Getting angry chickens on board has helped boost the quirkiness quotient in the brand communication, a factor that Mentos brand is popular for. The social media extension by having personal Twitter handles for the chickens is a cool idea to engage the youth.

To add to that, making fans talk to the chickens and impress them to win prizes is a clever way to get the word around and create buzz on #FarakPadega. Also, Twitter is tailor made for facilitating such conversations, unlike Facebook that does not permit pages for chickens that only exist for brand promotions. The #FarakPadega campaign is targeted, quirky and manages to deliver about the new Mentos offering of bigger, softer, better.