Bold Indian Brands That Took A Stand On #MeatBan

Indian brands that took a stand on social media in protest against the four-day meat ban in Mumbai during the Jain festival of Paryushan


The country is going through a deep crisis as it is divided into two sets of people - the meat-eaters and the non meat eaters. This deep crisis or lets just say meat ban crisis has come into existence after news breaking out that Mumbai is going to witness a meat ban for four days since the Jain community will be celebrating their festival. Going by that logic we might have to have a permanent ban since every other day a certain community is seen celebrating some religious belief.

After successfully banning beef in Maharashtra, the state is now gearing up for a complete meat ban for four days. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will suspend the sale of meat in its markets and shut down its slaughter house in Deonar, suburban Mumbai, on September 10, 13, 17 and 18 as these dates fall within the eight-day Jain festival of Paryushan, during which Jains shun all root vegetables.

This isn’t a new ban. It has been in force since 1964 but the ban has been announced right after Maharashtra government’s controversial decision to ban beef in the state.

Over the last few days the meat ban issue has taken over the recent prime time news on Sheena Bora murder case. From Twitter trends to Bollywood celebrities getting trolled over their hypocritical stands to TV shows, the debate is now focusing on why there was no hue and cry over so many years, and whether such bans that please a certain religious sect are rational.

The good news is that just a day before the ban, Bombay High Court described the ban as regressive today.

On such issues where politics and religion are mixed, brands stay away as they can become easy targets. However there are a few brands who believe in taking a stand on social issues in the country. That way they are more likely to strike a chord with their consumers. During this meat ban controversy not many brands have come forward to express their views but there are some who have dared to do so.

Surprisingly, most forward thinking brands have chosen to remain mum, while these four brands took a stand on #MeatBan.

1. Movies Now

Movie Now Meat Ban Jokes

2. Being Indian

Being Indian MeatBan

3. Freecultr

Freecultr meatban joke

4. Femina

Femina MeatBan

The trend kicked off from 2014 when quite a few Indian brands showed their support for the LGBT community when the Supreme Court passed its verdict on Section 377, criminalizing homosexual sex between two consenting adults, in December 2013.

Chumbak LGBT Ban joke

Later Whisper, the sanitary napkin brand from P&G created quite a furore on social media with the launch of its ‘Touch the pickle’ campaign designed to bust period taboos, last year. The campaign won the agency BBDO India a Grand Prix in the Glass Lions at the Cannes Lions 2015, for having the “power to effect true cultural change.”

The trend that kicked off in 2014 is picking up momentum in 2015 - 5 Indian Brands That Took A Stand On Social Issues. From issues like ‘homosexuality’, ‘single-parenting’, ‘live-in relationships’, among others, brands are increasingly taking a firm stand in their marketing campaigns.