Measure And Monetize Your Online Influence On Pinterest With Pinpuff

by Prasant Naidu on June 27, 2022


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What would be your reaction when you hear that what began as a little fun experiment by a 20 something guy, has now been acquired by a Los Angeles based technology incubator. Before you make any wild guesses, let me tell you this is the story of Gaurav Sharma, a self-proclaimed addict of Pinterest, who started Pinpuff as an experiment, and as reported by Pandodaily, Pinpuff has now been acquired by Science.

Pinpuff allows you to measure and monetize your influence on the most happening social network - Pinterest. If you spend most of your time pinning items on Pinterest, then it is time you also know how they are performing. Even though for fun, it is good to know how are your followers appreciating your pins. To know your influence, log into your site and provide your email id along with your Pinterest user id. Pinpuff displays your influence within seconds as shown in the below screen grab:

As you can see in the above screen grab, Pinpuff has given me 32 as my pinfluence score. Along with that, it tells me the reach score, activity score, virality score. Pinpuff also provides stats of individual boards such as how many followers, likes, repins, etc. I have on the boards that I have created in my Pinterest account.

Pinpuff doesn’t stop here at calculating your influence. It also provides a way to monetize your influence via Pinperks. Pinperks actually work more or less the same way as Klout perks work - brands reward you for your influence on the network. Gaurav shared that, “Response on Pinperks have been amazing. Over 200+brands have shown interested and we also did two pilot campaigns with Nissan and HGTV.”

Pinpuff will attract more ecommerce brands and people who are fascinated about them will have better monetary returns since $1.16 is assigned to ecommerce sites. But isn’t that what every one is trying to crack? So what is the USP of Pinpuff when compared with its competitors? Gaurav says that most of the tools for Pinterest came into picture at the same time, like Pinreach, Curalate, etc. He further adds the Pinpuff USP as follows:

1. Giving monetary value of your pins. This is one of the most loved and talked about feature of Pinpuff. Influencers and Brands can now create media plans around Pinterest as they know what sort of investment will result in positive ROI.

2. Explanation of score in terms of Virality, Reach and Activity. This feature helped users to see where they can improve.

Providing perks to influencers is a model that every one wants to crack but after reviewing Zuvvu, I am sure that Gaurav is determined to make this model work With this, Pinpuff also has an “Advertise On Pinterest” section, which Gaurav explains to be more than advertising. He adds that, “We didn’t want to sell it as “Advertise on Pinterest” but more like engaging users to curate their boards according to their interests. This looks more natural way of word-of-mouth publicity and converts well. We don’t have any tie-ups with Pinterest but have talked to a few people there and they are totally fine with it.”

I think that every industry has competitors and the challenge for business lies in how they differentiate and evolve. Pinpuff looks really interesting and now that it has been acquired, I asked Gaurav - So what next?

I am still very much committed to my business, Zuvvu. That is my first love and I am working non-stop on it for last 2 years. Plus, I may start bit of angel investing soon.

I wish good luck to Gaurav and hope to see him invest in some brilliant ideas in the coming future. Meanwhile, do give a try to Pinpuff and let us know how influential are you on Pinterest.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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